3 Innovations in the Retail Industry to look out for in 2021


Science and technology have been something that always takes steps forward. Even in the world-wide pandemic situation of 2020, when all aspects of life seem to stand still, technology was still making its way through it forward, to steer mankind through as well, in new ways. Everyday life is slowly getting back to the new normal and so do the businesses. Technology walking hand-in-hand. In this post, we will glance at 3 technological innovations that the retail business industry can look out for in the year 2021.

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Assisted online shopping: Personal shopping assistant is not a very new concept obviously. They are generally offered by the big brands where clothing or fashion expert helps customers with choosing right clothes and accessories for themselves depending on their body type, taste and style statement. However, with pandemic when in-store shopping was a distant thought, assisted shopping took a back seat. However, with the advancement of technology where even the entire business and office is getting run over online medium why do, the shopping assistants will lose their job? 2021 can witness the advent of assisted online shopping where personal shopping assistants guide a customer over video calls. In fact, given the condition that online shopping makes the commodities intangible before buying and getting delivered, the trend of personalized shopping assistants can actually gain momentum like never before.

Drone deliveries: Again drone deliveries are not a very new thing indeed, but it is going to be the next big thing that’s for sure. As we all are aware by now, the Coronavirus pandemic opened up an exponential trend of online shopping, and with it comes the extra responsibilities of the retailers i.e. delivery. With the increasing demand for home delivery every day, drone delivery is certainly the next big thing to be implemented. Also with the companies in India getting permission to test the fly drone, it is only a matter of time when drone deliveries will be new normal for the Indian retail market.

Customer-faced AI: AI or Artificial Intelligence has been in the retail and online industry for quite some time now. Businesses have been exploiting the technology in a number of ways to understand consumer preference and buying behavior. Also to understand the trend of the seasons and decide on stock and brand, AI has been helping the retail industry is a great way already. However, in 2021, one can expect to see the retail stores stepping up with the technology of customer-faced AI. This technology can offer assistance in the situation where social distancing is a mandate. The in-store customers can take the help of customer-faced AI systems to assist them in locating and searching products.

What else can be the next big thing in the retail industry do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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