4 Ways in Which Oneretail Helps a Retail Business


oneretail, a specialized retail business management solution powered by www.cubeoneapp.com. As the name suggests, the solution consists of a bundle of apps and softwares that integrate with each other seamlessly and help you automate and manage your retail business operations most effectively and efficiently.

In this article, I will highlight four important points in which the oneretail helps the business owners manage their retail businesses easily.


Bringing your store online – The one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that one has to keep going, in one way or another. For the businesses, it is now extremely important to have their online stores to make sure that the business continues. oneretail specifically helps the business owners to take their stores online hassle-free. oneapp, the consumer-ended discovery app that comes in the oneretail bundle, allows the businesses opting for oneretail solutions to start their own web-store in the app and start reaching their customers online.

POS system with integrated inventory management – oneretail solutions consists of a POS app that is integrated with the auto-synced inventory manager which makes sure that the inventory of your store gets auto-updated as sales happens. Going by the name onepos, this POS system makes billing an easy and smooth experience. Along with the basic features of online & offline billing and digital payments, onepos offers an array of advanced billing options like split billing, multiple-mode payment of a single bill, and the option of printing bills before the payment is made to offer your customers the ease of decision-making. The integrated  retail inventory management module helps to auto-update stock in real-time and becomes handy while verifying physical stocks.

Customer relationship management –  oneretail helps the businesses to secure a concrete customer database with every sale, fortified with information like customers’ buying behaviors & preferences, leads and opportunities from various sources and collates them neatly in one place. This helps the businesses in understanding  their customers preferences and choices thereby helping to formulate new marketing plans and programs which can benefit both the business and its customers.

GST compliant accounting system – Accounting is important in any business. Oneretail features a GST-compliant accounting module that helps the businesses manage their accounts efficiently.

Do you want to know more about oneretail solution, you can ask for a free demo by filling this simple form : https://www.cubeonebiz.com/request-demo.php?RetailSuite


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