8 valuable features a housing society must look in their software

A housing society management software is certainly one thing that every society is concerned about, it is a very carefully taken decision by each and every member.

So what basically a Housing society management software does? It miraculously helps apartment owners and residents manage end to end tasks which are required to be done every month, all those work are simplified by the click of a button and all the complicated tasks such as payments of bills, installments, updating records and communication of messages among every person in the housing society. 

Installing a great housing society management software can be extremely amazing for a routine administration and it will surely help to maintain & streamline the source of real time data which will save time, energy and money. 

 Usually, every modern apartment software system comes with a diverse range of impressive features which has the ability to make the community living structured and flexible.

Here are some valuable feature which you must look in your software:-

Simple and easy to use:

Your housing society management software should be having a simple and easy interface so that everyone in your housing society can use and have access to it. It is one of the most essential features you should look for. The reason for it is that there may be many members in your housing society who are not that great with technology and kept up with digitalisation. For them it may become difficult to understand that a Housing society management software system is running their tasks smoothly, in order to make them comfortable this feature is a must. 

Great functionality

There are an infinite number of softwares in the market who are providing solutions for housing society, but it is important to make the right decision before investing into any, as it is a long term decision which can have a far reaching effect. Make sure that the housing management system software has many lists of functionalities & features that should be customizable so that decision makers can choose specific modules as per their unique requirements, also it should be open to expand if the society and members decide to grow their size. 

Visitor & Gate management system

Visitor and gate management is one of the most important features which you should look at. Managing the visitors in any society is always a challenging task, effective society management software should have a specialized feature that consists of visitor management module system which allows you maintain a digital track record and details of every visitor who enters and exits the society premises, the time in & out, photo, biometric for staff, to ensure proper campus privacy and security. Visitor management is a very important function as it will help the society to keep a track record of their monthly visitors and footfall, and also supervise the safety and security.

Bill management:

One of the crucial things which every housing society goes under is accounts and billings, it is a very vital part of a society’s governance and mostly the committee members are held responsible for every transaction that happens. 

A housing society platform plays an important role in providing them with a software on which they can make their payments and get involved in such a process for maintenance and utility bills, reports and analytics also stores important data of the housing society and they should make sure that they are giving that information in trusted hands..

Especially housing society software should provide full proof privacy and a guarantee that their data is not getting leaked by any chance and onesociety makes sure that your housing society is secured and data is privately safe. 

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