Breaking Myths About POS Systems


Fear of data loss to the complexity of operations, POS systems have several ungrounded myths surrounding it.  In this post, we will try to debunk some of them. In case you are looking for information about how to choose the right POS for your Business, you may enjoy this article here.

As indicated by an examination by restaurant management software Advice, 63% of restaurant proprietors despite everything don’t have a POS system set up. So what, you inquire? How about we take a gander at this detail from an alternate perspective. This additionally implies 63% of restaurant proprietors are depending on manual, blunder inclined procedures. It implies that most of the restaurateurs are experiencing correspondence disparities, bottlenecks in nourishment conveyance, and charging forms, which conceivably baffle customers. It implies that a lion’s share of restaurants is behaving recklessly, facing a superfluous challenge with their monetary and inventory records, however with the very spine of their contribution: their customer administration.

Obviously, there are explanations behind the regular excusal of receiving a POS system. The historical backdrop of conventional POS systems is definitely not heavenly. You’d be unable to locate a drawn-out accommodation proficient who hasn’t been baffled by a poor user interface, or puzzled by the equipment set up, or in any case irritated by a system that is excessively moderate. The picture of the old POS keeps on obfuscating the view of many, even despite mammoth jumps in POS tech headway. 

In this article, we’re going to flip through three regular POS fantasies that have established themselves in the psyches of numerous restaurateurs and drill down to reality to find how present-day, portable POS systems can profit you, regardless of the size of your business. 

1. POS application helps just in processing cheque payments

A large portion of the POS application regularly accompanies inventory management, account management, and numerous different highlights other than charging. It robotizes and rearranges your day by day business activities and assists with overseeing it extensively continuously from anyplace. 

2. POS apps make the procedure increasingly basic

Actually, POS application disentangles your business processes by keeping the record of dues/cutting edge installments from your customers,  following your inventory status, sales example and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Every single information is then solidified and introduced in a smaller report for you to settle on significant business choices.

3. Sales register is a lot simpler to look into old exchanges 

What do you believe is less difficult? Turning your old, saturated register book, page by page, and experiencing every passage with squinting eyes? Or then again, with hardly any taps you land onto the specific record you needed to allude to in any case? It is certainly quicker, simpler, and more straightforward to enter your customer record naturally through an application than doing it in as our forefathers would have done it with pen and paper. It without a doubt reduces the likelihood of making blunders.

4. Requirement high web speed to utilize a POS application. 

A keen POS application can run with or without the web. On the off chance that you maintain a solitary outlet business, having web availability isn’t an impulse. Notwithstanding, for your multi-outlet or chain business, the web is required to work a business from head office (cloud) entry. This can be upheld by means of fundamental 3G or 4G web speed contingent upon the POS equipment design. 

5. On the off chance of losing the web association in the middle of a progressing procedure, all the information will be lost 

Rest guarantee! Your information isn’t going anyplace. Regardless of whether you lose the association in the middle of a transaction or any other process, the application will consequently change to the disconnected mode and all your information will remain safe in your gadget memory. At whatever point you reconnect your gadget to the web, your information will get synchronized and refreshed with the cloud.

There are several benefits of a POS system, the most important being the accuracy of monetary transaction reports and the increased sales with faster processing. oneresto, powered by, is an all-inclusive restaurant management solution that includes a robust POS system along with several other features like integrated digital menu, inventory management system, kitchen and order management system, and many more to effectively streamline and automate your restaurant business processes. To know more, claim your free online demo today.

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