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Gate pass management system

Gate pass management system is a software solution that helps to strengthen and boost the security in a premises with digital aids. This system also acts as a visitor management solution which means it allows and fastens the visitor registration, verification and entry to the premises. Gate pass management systems can be used to replace the traditional visitor registration process. A Gate pass Management System (GMS) organizes the visitor record and reduces the time of management and enhances the level of security.

The traditional method of keeping visitor records in the pen and register method creates problems when the number of visitors visiting a premises  increases. With the manual method, creating a gate pass can take an enormous amount of time as taking records, authenticating the visitor, and then getting a gate pass makes the visitor queue go long, sometimes beyond control and needless to say, creates an irritating impression on the visitors. Also, this can significantly compromise with the security of the premises. A Gate Pass Management System can help in the situation and make the whole process much faster and more secured.  


onegate, powered by oneapp, is one of the best gate pass management systems in India. It is designed keeping in mind the usability in both the residential as well as the commercial premises.  The solution comes in two parts, or rather two mobile apps, one called onegate app for the admin and gatekeepers and second one is oneapp for the members of the premises. While onegate allows admins to set rules and manage staff & the gatekeepers to keep records of the visitors, oneapp allows the members to get notified about their visitor, manage their visitors and communicate with gatekeepers,  admins or even the other members. Both the apps are available in Google Play Store and App Store for easy download.

onegate gate pass management system provides an easy approach to keep track of the entry and exit of a visitor by taking inputs like phone number, email and personal details. The system aims to secure the premises from unwanted and unauthenticated visitors by first taking prior details from the visitor and authenticating from the admin/resident. Once granted entry, as soon as a visitor enters, the entry time is saved in the database. This system proposes the “Paper Saving Idea”.

onegate can be customized as per requirement of the organization or residential complex. It ensures safety for companies, warehouses, hospitals, schools, residential complexes and many more sectors. The gate pass management software is an automated desktop application designed for monitoring and maintaining visitor records at the time of entry and exit from the premises. It also provides digital badges and helps in tracking the overall duration of the visit. This system screens health-related details, personal details, purpose of visit, multiple entries, gate pass issues,  timings of stay and exit related information. The system allows visitors to access only the approved areas in the property, ensuring safety. 


  • Unlike the manual system, no standing in a queue is required.
  • As all the work is done through the application, it is easy and quicker than manual logging. 
  • The system ensures a transparent mode of work. All the parties, i.e, the admin, residents, the visitor & the security personnel are aware of all the details. 
  • It schedules in an orderly manner, which enhances productivity of the whole process.
  • No extra manpower needed to keep tabs on the details of the visitors, like, entry and exit times, etc. 
  • The details of the visitors are saved for future visits. 
  • The host is easily notified through messages and emails about their visitor arrival. 
  • Accurate timings are recorded. 
  • Lots of paperwork is saved. 
  • Gate pass management system is not at all time consuming and makes the work look very fast and smooth. 

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