Guidelines for Visiting Gyms in the New Normal Era

Welcome to the NEW NORMAL ERA! Where every step we take is supposed to be taken carefully & with all safety. 

The impact of Covid-19 indeed made us stay locked at home for months, which is kind of unthinkable before this. However, it’s time to get back to the course of life, however, not like or perhaps never again, like before i.e. pre-COVID period. Safety and precaution against this deadly virus in every aspect of living is now the new way of life. But we are prepared. 

Businesses have been opening up gradually, and it is refreshing to witness life move again after a long unprepared stagnancy. Gymnasiums are given permission to start operation from the beginning of the week & it is really important now to get back to the fitness schedule, however not without protection. 

In this post, we have talked about some simple steps, following which you can safely embark on your fitness journey without much ado.

  • Hygiene matters

Before joining, talk to your gym administration. Take a proper audit of the sanitization process they are following. Only if you are totally satisfied, consider going back. All the equipment must be sanitized after each use. See that you are using sanitized equipment every time. Though it is the gymnasium authorities’ responsibility to make sure that the equipment is sanitized after each use, you yourself feel free to carry a spray bottle of alcohol-based sanitizer and just spray the areas you are touching and coming in contact with. 

  • Social distancing is mandatory

We understand that in every fitness center & gym, you’ll be having a gym buddy or a friend with whom you’d enjoy working out. But always remember that social distancing is mandatory. Maintain the 6 feet distance from anybody and everybody. That’s the rule of thumb.

  • Washing your hands is compulsory 

Washing our hands was introduced as the very first thing to do to keep yourself safe from COVID-19, although it is a practice which can be hygienically helpful through every walk of life. It is recommended that you should wash your hands with soap and water rigorously for at least 20 to 30 seconds before & after the workout. By doing this, not only you keep yourself safe from the deadly virus, but you can also help in restricting its spread. 

  • Stay home if you’re unwell 

If not feeling well or even feeling a little tired and low, skip the gym for that very day. You have to be responsible for your own health as well as others. If there is one good thing this unprecedented situation has taught us, it is compassion and responsibility. Be a responsible human being. Take care of yourself, your family, and every other person around you.

  • Avoid touching your face, nose & mouth

Stick to the basics even at the gym. Don’t touch your face while in session. Don’t touch your face anytime unless you wash your hands first. 

  • Say no to Packed rooms 

Packed rooms have been proved to be the hub of germs, viruses, bacterias & other harmful microbes. Make sure that the gymnasium has a source of fresh air and not packed so much that maintaining 6 feet distance is difficult. Remember even if you are sitting in a packed room with a person who is just “suffering from cold & cough” there are chances that you may get affected by this contagious disease. 

  • Carry your own stuff

Well, this is basic, but still a very important point not to miss. Carry your own belongings. Water bottle, towel, shoes, whatever you may require for your gymming session, please carry it yourself and avoid borrowing and lending. If possible carry your own washing soap as well.

Your fitness plays an important role, but similarly your fitness will be built only if you’re healthy. Hence it is a wise decision to keep your health in priority.

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