How do the onesociety’ Income section works?

Onesociety, powered by oneapp, is a full-fledged housing society management solution that takes care of every single need of the society managers in maintaining and managing the housing society. Managing income and expenses is no doubt one of the most responsible tasks for society managers. They are entrusted with lakhs of rupees of the residents in the society and it is their responsibility to safekeeping that. To make the task of managing income and expenses easier, simpler and more clearer, onesociety features two dedicated modules i.e. income and expense in its administrative web portal.

In this post, we will look in-depth at the Income section of onesociety.


The income section of onesociety can be accessed from the module panel in the dashboard after logging into the portal. Within the income section, there are several other sub-modules to keep the records organized and easy to find and access.

Maintenance Dues – This section bears the records of the outstanding dues of each member and lists them in order of building and unit number. It displays the consolidated outstandings of each unit auto-calculated by the application based on the last invoice dues and receipts. Admins can generate periodic invoices one by one or in bulk, view invoices for an individual unit, download/print invoices and email them to members. 

Incidental Bills – Incidental Invoices are invoices generated towards the members of the society which is not a part of maintenance dues. To be more precise, any particular item that doesn’t come under the maintenance invoice but is charged by the society to members. Mostly ad -hoc invoices get listed under Incidental Invoice. For example, courier charges, move-in, move-out charges and property transfer charges. All such bills raised by the society are recorded in this section along with the details of receipt status.

Non-Member Bills – Non-member invoices are invoices raised towards people who are not members of society but owe money to society. An example of non-members can be a company hosting promotional events within the society compound or a company having mobile phone towers within the society compound, etc. In this case company or individual will be considered as non-members. All such bills charged by the society from the non-members are recorded in this section along with their related details and receipt status. Along with viewing and downloading, admins can also add a new non-member invoice from this section.

Receipt Tracker – This section displays all the money received by the society along with their details including the receipt status. This record is the consolidated list that includes all the records of maintenance due bills, incidental bills and non-member bills.

This section allows one to change receive status, view and download (single as well as multiple copies in one click) a receipt.

Advances – This section lists and displays all the entries of the advances lying in the society fund. It has separate sub-sections for members and non-members records. Along with the details of the record, this section also allows to view all the transactions in detail, allows editing of existing entries and adds new Credit entries.

Billable Items – Billable Items allow the society to charge its members anything other than regular auto invoice items (particular). You can add items beforehand and get added to the next billing for a particular unit. This feature works similar to incidental invoices the only difference being that the billable item added in the main maintenance invoice and incident invoice is created separately. All such records of the billable items unit-wise are recorded in this section.

Credit Note – Whenever the society needs to issue a credit note to a member for say any advance payments it gets recorded in this section for later easy references.

Hope this post has given you a clear picture of how the income section of onesociety works. For more detailed information, you can claim a free demo here: Click here

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