How does “onegate” manage your gated community parking lot?

The board of a parking area is a troublesome assignment and a profoundly entangled issue. Dealing with a parking garage is a perplexing business. Furthermore, the majority of the parking area the board tasks are still led physically, particularly in India. 

The difficulties duplicate with multi-occupant parking garages where an elevated level of coordination and collaboration is required among the parking spot suppliers or proprietors and their inhabitants. 

A couple of quick leaving issues that need an answer: following the vehicle and guest subtleties on passage and leave, observing the left spaces, distinguishing void openings and forestalling their abuse, incorporated access control, spotting approved and unapproved leaving, installment issues, and some more. 

  • Top Challenges Faced By Parking Space Owners And Providers 
  • Top Challenges Faced By Parking Space Owners And Providers
  • Inaccurate recording of data.
  • Hassled security guards.
  • Laborer cost and overheads.

How does onegate powered by cubeoneapp be perfect for parking lot management? 

An efficient and easy to use gate management system that enables you to easily handle the difficult and time-consuming task of parking lot management. 

By using onegate for management of your gated community parking lot you eliminate all manual processes so that every step becomes automated and easy to maintain. 

Programmed section, no manual check

A shrewd vehicle leaving framework perceives whether a vehicle is approved for a leaving space. The RFID tag on the vehicle permits the vehicle passage at the leaving door through a blast hindrance that naturally opens. 

A computerized stopping framework likewise perceives all classes of guests – staff, guests, uncommon visitors, and so forth – and apportions a space in like manner in seconds dependent on the “accessible openings” as recorded and appeared by the framework. 

Moment pay-and-park tickets. 

On the off chance that the individual in the vehicle is a guest, the person in question would get an auto-created constrained pass that could be QR code-based. 

The keen leaving framework will consequently designate the guest with a parking spot that is held for pay-and-park vehicles. 

No mistakes, get total reports. 

A keen stopping framework dispenses with all paper-based work – be it stopping tickets or paper registers. Mistakes in installments become a relic of days gone by. 

Parking spot suppliers can have confidence that all information is consequently caught and put away in a unified framework. The framework can likewise give valuable reports that are open to the administration whenever, anyplace. 

Ideal space usage. 

Since all openings are pre-designated and pre-held for explicit inhabitants – their staff, guests, visitors – or other one of a kind purposes, space usage is ideal.

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