How To Find The Best Residential Society App

Best residential society app

The cooperative societies comprise more than one building with multiple apartments where each family resides. A managing committee helps in managing the cooperative societies. However, tedious and time consuming it feels, these duties are of utmost importance for maintaining the safety and convenience of the residents.

Nowadays there are various society management apps available to maintain the seamless functioning of the housing societies by streamlining and automating the management processes and reducing tedious manual labour in the system. However, with so many options available, how can we pick the most reliable housing society management app to benefit our society? Let’s look at some of the features that are essential in choosing a suitable residential management app:


Hassle-free data uploading

Managing a society comes with managing loads and loads of data on a regular basis. This is where there requires tedious labour and this is where lies the chances of error. Housing society management apps first and foremostly aims at streamlining these areas. With a good society management solution, data upload and record only mean filling a few easy fields in easy-to-understand form format and entering the save button. Viola, all the required ledger, account books and every other related document get auto-updated with a single step.

Managing payments and collections effortlessly

In order to ensure smooth functioning, a residential society needs the residents to pay their bills on time. There may be defaulters and late payments at times and following up with each resident can be a stressful job. A residential society app can simplify the job of managing the payments efficiently. For example, the app can set reminders for those residents whose payments are due and help to track defaulters. Late penalty fees can be added with the dues which can motivate the residents to make timely payments and also help the society meet other financial obligations.

Seamless communication

Seamless communication is a key to managing and maintaining a housing society. Try to look for an app that ensures seamless communication. A dedicated and updated communication tool is required to make the residents aware of the latest developments and notices. Since the society management app caters exclusively to matters pertaining to society, it only allows verified users to post notices and record the activities to ensure transparency avoiding any chance of misinformation. 

Providing transparent administration

The residential management should allow its users to put all such records regarding the society on the platform in order to avoid miscommunication, lack of transparency which can disrupt the peace and harmony of the society. The admins can permit the residents to view all the details relating to purchases, repairs and maintenance, meetings, discussions, updates, etc. Every single thing gets uploaded on the app which helps to store all the data ensuring the faith of the residents.

Effective complaint redressal system

Complaints and issues are part and parcel of life, let alone housing societies. But the key to peaceful cooperative living lies in an efficient redressal system. A good housing society management helps the society managers to receive, segregate and take action on the complaints and issues in an orderly and transparent way. This not only helps in resolving the issues on time but also to the satisfaction of the complaint raiser.

Robust security system

The last but one of the most important features to look for while choosing a housing society management solution is the data security system of the app. In the world of the internet, data security is of utmost importance for the safety and security of yourself and family and society. Therefore, be sure that you settle for a system that is able to give your 100% satisfaction in terms of data security.

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