How to Manage Your Restaurant in Times of COVID-19 and Lockdown?

The spread of COVID-19 is a bitter reality and the whole of humanity is facing the crises. COVID-19 has created a lot of impact on the business across, especially the food-restaurant business.  We’re simply starting to comprehend the general well-being in the effect of COVID-19, restaurants business has been affected by it. What we cannot deny is the flare-up of COVID-19 and its impacts that will affect all organizations, including the dedicated proprietors, administrators, ranchers, conveyance drivers, staff, and pretty much everybody in the food business.

Some of you have been sharing accounts of an uptick in online requests, lost income from dropped occasions and providing food, and in any event, declining benefits. A considerable lot of you are discussing how it’s influencing your staff and how you’re changing your plan of action to keep them in occupation. 

We’re uniting each one of those endeavors. During the coming weeks, this page will be refreshed continuously to give access to assets and data that can assist you in dealing with your business through dubious occasions and guard your staff and clients. Here’s a continuous, every now and again refreshed rundown of accessible alleviation and accommodating resources for your restaurant. 

Tackle the emergency together. 

All through the following hardly any days, we’ll declare different ways oneapp is supporting eateries during the COVID-19 well-being emergency and how you can get included.

We’re likewise delivering a week by week pamphlet that arranges assets like these, accounts starting from the earliest stage, different articles over the business to help the eatery network explore the difficulties of COVID-19 together. Here are the few steps which you can follow during these times of lockdown and COVID-19. 

Collaborate with an online portal: 

There many professionals who are out there fighting the COVID-19 outbreak like- Doctors, Nurses, Paramedic staff, Police force, and other administrative authorities working day and night to stabilize the situation in the country. To work efficiently they need food that is hygienic, and full of nutrients. So you can connect with oneapp and use its feature called onefooddialer and get yourself listed on the portal. So that more and more people can order food online. 

Points which you and your staff need to take care of while restaurant management – 

Food businesses should continue to practice good food-handling hygiene. A food handler should already wash their hands:

  • before starting work
  • before handling cooked or ready-to-eat food
  • after handling or preparing raw food
  • after handling waste
  • after cleaning duties
  • after using the toilet
  • after blowing nose, sneezing or coughing
  • after eating drinking or smoking
  • after handling money

Be aware of how used dishes are collected from a table. Minimizing the risk of cross-contamination by avoiding touching the areas that have been in direct contact with the customer or food is the goal.

More frequent cleaning of shared surfaces including door handles (front door, fridge/freezers, toilets/bathrooms), tables and chairs (armrests or areas used to pull out the chair) salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, communal cutlery containers, eftpos keypad is recommended.

cubeoneapp also has another feature called oneresto, it is a POS system that you can use to run your restaurant management business efficiently. It offers benefits like: 

– Saves time and effort by Synchronizing the menu at all sales channel 

-Builds a strong database on customers and improves relations with them 

– Manage your GST taxes 

– Allows multiple payment-modes 

– Print Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) for swift service and many more. 

These are difficult times but we’ll sail through them together. So do what you do best. Cook for people who’re trying to protect us. Support them with your food-service. 

Download oneapp now to know more about how it can assist you in managing your restaurant most effectively in this unprecedented situation. To know more about onefooddialer, claim your  FREE demo now!

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