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If you are into the tiffin service business, 80 percent chance is that you have already heard of ‘onefooddialer’. onefooddialer is a software solution that is specially designed and built to streamline and organize the processes of tiffin businesses. It is one of its kind of solutions that have been curated keeping in mind the special needs of the tiffin service industry like subscription plan, daily menu change, order cancellation and adjustment, multiple deliveries at multiple places for a single subscription, and many others. If you want to know more about onefooddialer, we are offering a free cost demonstration of our software. Click here to claim your FREE DEMO now!

At onefooddialer, we believe that just streamlining operations is not the full solution for a business’ success. Understanding the requirement of the end consumers and helping our clients to deliver a smooth and flawless customer experience is a part of our responsibility as well. And therefore we have spent considerable time and effort and took the feedback of several veterans in the business to design our customer portal. onefooddialer’s customers portal gets integrated with our client’s website seamlessly and enables the business to receive orders online from their website.

In a series of posts starting with this one, we will be giving you a full understanding of how onefooddialer customer portal works. Knowing well about the process will in turn help you to educate your customers well. Though a detailed demo is provided for all the systems once you subscribe to our service, and also the after sales customer service of onefooddialer is well-known for its timely service, yet if you feel you need an instant reference, you can always refer to these posts. So let’s get started.

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  • To register, click REGISTER at the top of the page.
  • Fill in each box with the required data. You can use either mobile number or email address or both for registration.
  • Select your city from the drop-down list.
  • In the DELIVERY LOCATION you have to tick the service(s) you want to receive against which it will open up the fields to provide the detailed address(es) of delivery.
  • If you are availing more than two services and all in the same delivery location, just click “Copy below address for other locations”. Otherwise, fill in each location separately against the service.
  • Tick or untick the SUBSCRIBE TO ORDERS EMAIL NOTIFICATION as per your preference. You can change it later on from My Accounts section.
  • Tick I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The Terms and Conditions page opens in a separate browser tab upon clicking the linked phrase. It is highly advisable to go through the Terms and Conditions before availing any service.
  • Finally, click the SUBMIT button.
  • Upon submitting, an one-time password (OTP) will be generated and sent to your mobile or email or both according to what you have provided. You are required to input that OTP in the space provided to finish the registration process.
  • Upon successful registration, you will receive an welcome SMS or Email and will be directed to your account.
  • To set a password for your account, LOG IN afresh after registration and the system will ask you to set a password for your account.
  • Type your choiceable password in the box provided. Re-type in the second box to confirm and click LOG IN. Your password will be set against your account.


  • Click LOG IN at the top of the page. 
  • Follow the notes written inside the boxes to find what you are required to fill-in. In the box provided , put in your registered Phone number or E-mail address (the one you have provided during Registration) and click LOG IN.
  • Another box will appear below the previous one asking for the password. Enter your password. 
  • Check or uncheck the “Remember me” depending on whether you want the system to remember your login credentials and passwords or not for further use.
  • Click the LOGIN button again and it will take you inside your account.
  • In case you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password.
  • To view the details of your account, click MY ACCOUNT at the top menu bar.
  • On the left-hand side, you will find your personal details. 
  • On the right-hand side, find the status of your wallet.

a. The top-most box reflects your total available balance in your wallet. It is the summation of usable balance and locked balance.

b. The second-box is the most important one as it reflects the usable balance you have, i.e. the amount which you can use to book tiffins.

c. The last box reflects the locked balance, i.e. the amount with which you have already booked the tiffins. It will get decreased gradually as your tiffins get delivered. In case you cancel a tiffin, the amount will move out from locked balance to usable balance.

  • You can subscribe or unsubscribe the email notification from here by checking or unchecking its box.
  • At the bottom of the page, find the details of your wallet transactions.
  • To view the details of your orders, click BOOKING HISTORY at the top menu bar.
  • TODAY’S ORDER reflects the tiffin(s) you have booked for the present date which is yet to be delivered.
  • PRE-ORDER reflects the tiffin(s) you have booked for the upcoming dates.
  • CANCELLED ORDER reflects the details of the tiffin(s) you have cancelled.
  • DELIVERED ORDER reflects the tiffin(s) that has been already delivered to you.

Please note that the orders get reflected in the Booking History section only after your tiffin service provider has authorized your payment. In case you are using a wallet for the payment, it gets reflected right-away.

We will be back again with a detailed description on how a customer can make use of the onefooddialer powered portals in more ways in our upcoming posts, so stay tight to this space.

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