It’s time for small businesses to go online, SOLO!

Go online, serve your neighborhood customers and get more customers beyond. Its time for small businesses to grow big.

Online buying had been a trend of this century and of course for valid reasons. Easy browsing of the product catalog, shop from the comfort of the home anytime, get products delivered at doorsteps, are some of the notable conveniences of online buying. And at this particular situation of lockdown around the world when venturing out is almost similar to toying with the deadly disease of Coronavirus, online buying had graduated from being Convenient to being a Necessity.


Cashing on the consumers’ convenience of online shopping, several big brands have come into the market and made efforts to capture it. So much that people even started relying on these brands for their regular groceries. And why not? 

  • It saves time. No waiting in queue for the turn. No interference from other customers walking in and the uncomfortable situation of “I came first”, etc.
  • It saves the toil of carrying heavy bags from shop to home.
  • It allows shopping anytime. Make your list and place your order even at midnight.

So does that mean the neighborhood kirana stores should start packing their bags or settle for meager income or bow down to these giants? Well absolutely not. 


Let us understand what are local the kirana stores have in their advantages over these retail giants if they start selling online.

  • They already have a solid database of trusted customers known to them at face-to-face level.
  • They can deliver faster than the big retail stores owing to the fact that they are nearer and lesser steps of order processing and dispatch.
  • They are more easily accessible in cases of changing items, etc.
  • Plus, all the advantages big retailers are enjoying- Save customers’ time, deliver doorstep, allow shopping anytime from home.

So, it is obvious that kirana stores stand good chances of increasing sales and upholding the neighborhood market if they decide to go online.

So, aren’t these stores venturing online already? Aren’t they associating with the retail giants? They are.

We read newspaper reports talking about retail giants trying to take small kirana stores under their umbrella, some by taking them as their last-mile delivery points and others by getting them to buy their inventory from them and thereby pushing them to get rid of the traditional distributors. Breaking bridges with the traditional distributor is not a very desirable outcome as it is putting off the distributors (a section of society) out of jobs and also kirana shop owners, in many cases, find working with traditional distributors more convenient as they provide goods in credit, they agree to take back unsold good, they agree in exchange policies of goods, which are not possible with faceless retail giants.

Is there a way, where kirana stores can go online and reap the benefits of online selling without compromising in their own identity and own network of distributors. Yes, there is. 

The solution is cubeoneapp.


Cubeoneapp offers a zero-obligation online platform where the kirana stores can easily open their accounts and take their store online, independently. Cubeoneapp is not a marketplace, who tries to build data on items-in-demand and then selling them themselves, thereby nullifying the existence of the small kirana store and in most cases even killing them. Cubeoneapp is here to only empower the small businesses  to reach more customers, increase sale and grow big. By saying zero-obligation we meant that we do not interfere with the distributorship network of the stores. They are not obligated to buy their inventories from us. Also do not try to get them under our wings, they have no obligation to thrive under our brandname. We aim at providing them wings to fly high, solo.

Taking your store online with cubeoneapp is easy. Download the cubeoneapp from the Google playstore or Applestore. Register your store using well-guided interface by providing some very basic information about your store, list your items in the catalog and start selling. Cubeoneapp will help you tap your neighborhood customers who otherwise tend to go with the retail biggies for the convenience of online shopping and doorstep delivery. Also it will help you spread wings further than your physical territory within the neighborhood and get more online customers.

Its high time to make a decision and begin foraying the market, before losing out customers fully to the retail giants. And when cubeoneapp is here, going online only mean going online and not falling prey to retail brands’ encroaching policies. Make a call now!

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