Maharashtra housing societies are now allowed to hold general elections

Housing Society Management in Maharashtra is now allowed to conduct general elections. The election and all other kinds of social events were postponed since March 2020 by the order of the state government, The decision was taken in lieu of the coronavirus infection spreading rapidly throughout the length and breadth of the subcontinent. However, in a decision taken earlier the month, all the cooperative bodies including housing societies, banks, etc can conduct their general election.

Recently the gram panchayat election and legislative council election were allowed by the state government. Following which the cooperative societies also demanded the permission of the conducting election. However, there are some restrictions still applicable in the case of housing societies. As Ramesh Prabhu of Maharashtra Societies Welfare informed, only the societies with more than 250 members were allowed to conduct the poll. For societies with up to to 250 members, the rules are yet to be notified. Also, all the Covid-19 protocols need to be followed to the T.
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