Things to remember while conducting society meeting in the digital medium

Since social distancing has become a norm in almost every corner of the world, housing societies are a set of communities that have to make sure that they abide by this rule due to the variety of people living in it and to avoid exposure to human contact. 

Because of this inconvenience, housing society managers were facing troubles in arranging the society and committee meetings in society. However, thankfully, the housing societies received permits for arranging the digital meetings from the Commissioner and Registrar of the Co-operative Societies.

Technology has a humongous impact on societies as it is allowing them to meet and discuss each and every situation they have been facing and come up with a resolution collectively. 

In this article, we are going to discuss a few things to remember and follow while conducting a digital society meeting to make sure that it is convenient for all and productive for society’s decisions.

  • Meeting notices/Save the date 

Once the society committee finalizes a particular date for the digital meeting, it is best that you inform all the members of the housing society by releasing a digital notice beforehand, so that they are available for the meeting. 

  • Choose the meeting platform

As soon as the meeting date has been finalized, you will have to choose a particular platform where all the members can gather and proceed with the discussions. 

Onemeet, the latest feature added to the oneapp is one of the most useful tools for the housing societies, i.e. feature of video conferencing. This unique platform has been specially designed for our very own housing complexes so that they can connect with each other in a hassle-free way. 

  • Set a convenient time for all 

Once the date and platform have been decided, you should make sure to choose a time slot that suits you and other members as well, so that none of the participants find it difficult to attend. 

  • Reach out telephonically if facing any difficulties

It happens that not everyone finds it easy to understand the technical and digital platforms. Some of the members may find it difficult to enter the meeting and get into the discussion easily. If any case occurs or better to avoid such last-minute hassles, it is best that you connect with them telephonically and guide them a little to make them understand how to make the best use of such digital platforms. 

  • Set an agenda beforehand

Everyone in a housing society has multiple tasks and chores to do, therefore it is important to be a  responsible society committee member to draft a list or a checklist of agenda and topics that are needed to be discussed in the meeting with everyone. As this practice will help to be organized and on point of your discussion throughout your meet. 

  • Fix a date for the next meeting with a new agenda 

Usually, when housing society committee members end their meetings, they don’t set the next meeting date during the time of closure. But making use of this practice will let you plan things ahead of time so that you can keep your calendar and to do a list in check for the next meeting date. 

Our brand new service, onemeet promotes these healthy habits to help you achieve a successful and fruitful housing society meeting from which you can bring a change towards the betterment of your complex and community. Also with the help of onemeet, you can now effortlessly plan, organize and conduct meetings from the comfort and safety of your own home, by abiding by the norm of social distancing. 

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