Ways to Give Good Customer Service at Your Restaurant

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Managing a restaurant is more of people management. There would be several kinds of people visiting and dining at your restaurant and each of them would be having different perspectives towards your services, food, ambiance, atmosphere, and decoration. But in the end, they would all come down to one thing, which is considered to be the most important, and that is customer service.

Customer service is one of the most important factors that you will be serving in your restaurant.  Here are a few pro tips that oneresto would like to suggest that can help you give your customers an undying experience.

Accept the mistake, whenever happens

When a cook or the server makes any kind of mistake, it ultimately becomes the entire restaurant’s mistake. And if a customer thinks anything bad about your restaurant, you will have to understand that it can be even the smallest thing that may have triggered them to become upset. After all, they are coming to your restaurant to have a memorable experience and that’s what they are paying for!

So whenever there is a mistake made by your restaurant or you receive a complaint about your restaurant, make sure that you give compensation by offering a new dish, free dessert, or even, if you can, by waving off the bill or a portion of the bill. Your customers would go back with a  positive feeling about the restaurant and your professionalism in retaining and understanding the importance of customer service. It can help your restaurant gain respect and get more customers for bigger benefits.

Keep a tab on your regular customers – they are a gem

Your regular customers are always special. They should be treated like VIPs.  Acknowledge the kind of loyalty they have towards your restaurant and the food that you serve that they prefer coming back to your restaurant again and again.  Regular customers, especially the ones who order from or eat in your restaurant quite often, are a considerable revenue-generating resource for your business. It is important to understand their importance and appreciate their contribution to your business. And as a gesture of thanks, they should be treated accordingly with freebies, coupons, and other privileges so that they feel special and never forget the experience they get from your restaurant.

Say “Thank you”!

Such small words like sorry, thank you, you’re welcome goes a long way ahead! Whenever a customer leaves your restaurant make sure to appreciate their presence in your restaurant and show them how good it was for you to serve them. These small acts can do wonders for your restaurant and help you bring big benefits to your business. 

Oneresto is the best restaurant management software that also believes in giving you the best service for your customers to have a good time and experience at your restaurant!

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