What do you mean by client portal?

client portal

Client service forms the very base of any business. And if your business operates on an online platform, there are lots of technical aspects that get added to the method of client service. The client portal is one of them. In order to establish a loyal client base, a business must implement a ‘client portal’ that provides a smooth customer experience and further help in the development and growth of the business. 


Client Portals are digital gateways that are built into websites and apps to provide private access to the clients/customers on a secured digital space over the internet. This particular digital space or area encompasses a company’s extranet or cloud system that provides private and secured access to critical documents, data, services, and resources through a client-side web browser. The services and essential documents can be accessed from anywhere through a web browser and an internet connection. 

The are various client portals in existence and almost all of them serve the three core purposes, which are:

Collaboration: In today’s times, companies need to work with remote collaboration and businesses leveraging specialized third-party resources to collaborate on projects and documents online. Client portals help by providing collaboration to the third parties with access to any number of documents and project worksheets that are important.

Sharing: Sharing more data across the companies and various clients have increased today. Sharing data via email may often be limited if it exceeds size and security levels. Sharing important data and services with your clients and shareholders digitally which are accessed through client portal services paves way for efficient management and effective business experience.

Management: In order to manage client relations and business interaction, one must have the ability to collaborate and share data through client portal systems along with managing the project deliverables in a central, client-facing hub.


Acts as a bridge between clients and business without the need for physical presence

The client portal acts as a platform where clients can interact with the business and avail their services over the internet. It is also used to address issues and suggestions without the need for any physical presence which makes the process of resolution faster and more convenient for both business and the clients. It can streamline the communications and interactions between the two parties through a personalised, client-based gateway.

Serves one central place for clients to log in

Client portals provide each client with a customised experience and relevant information through one central login location in a secured and help to secure and optimise business-to-business interactions by providing each of their clients with relevant information through one central login location. 

A digital platform for the clients to track orders, payments and more

A client portal helps to access and track the company’s production data. These portals act as systems that can integrate with a variety of enterprise systems like ERP suites that can allow your clients like vendors and manufacturing partners to track orders, access and collaborate on support, download invoices, share contacts and important dates etc.

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