What is the e-collection facility offered by onesociety?


onesociety, powered by oneapp, is a star product from the house of Futurescape Technology. The company is well-known for bringing a revolution in the tiffin service industry with its flagship product, Fooddialer, now known as onefooddialer. onefooddialer is known to bring the scattered industry of tiffin business under the one roof powered by technology to streamline and automate their business processes. 

onesociety is a housing society management software that aims to digitalize the processes of housing societies thereby eliminating the toils of the society admins who are mostly volunteers and also making the coordination between residing and managing a society convenient and comfortable.

Today we are going to discuss one of the unique features of onesociety that made the maintenance collection in society easy to pay, convenient to track and hassle-free to manage


E-collection facility has been ideated to track exact details of the payments made against exact units. Ok, let’s take an example. Say a housing society maintains one account with a bank where maintenance fees from the members get deposited. Some members, in fact, these days majority, choose to transfer the amount directly to the account as well as it is hassle-free. Now for society admin, it is not possible to understand who has transferred the amount and against which unit. The only amount is displayed and that too, so many transfers.  Unless the member informs the society that he has paid the amount and provides the particular transaction id, it is not easy to locate. In onesociety, we have tried to address this very area. Without any further communication between the society and the member, the society admin can still get the data as to which payment has been made against which unit and what is the amount.

This has been made possible with deep integration with the bank. Whenever a payment is made against any unit, onesociety receives the details and records. Therefore, members need not notify society with transaction details to help track their payments. Note that the e-collection facility works regardless of the bank a member is holding an account with.

By now you must be wondering how this e-collection facility works?

As already mentioned, This has been made possible with deep integration with the bank. Onesociety generates a virtual account with a unique 18-character payee name. Once generated, the bank validates the same. Upon validation, the unique 18-character virtual account number is shared with the member and they are required to make payment into that virtual account. Thereupon, whenever a payment is made into that virtual account, onesociety gets intimation from the bank and upon tracking the unique number, onesociety gets to know exactly for which unit the payment is made and how much. It auto-updates the software accordingly and everything without any extra manual communications.

If you have any questions regarding this feature or any other features of onesociety, do put them in the comment section below and you can also claim a free demo.

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