10 Best Society Management Software in India for 2021

What is a Society Management Software?

A society management software is a software application that handles all the tasks related to managing apartments or housing societies. The software applications that all tenants and property owners enjoy the smooth process with regard to rent collection, maintenance, parking, security and much more. 

Let us look at some of the best society management software in India for 2021. 

  1. ApnaComplex

ApnaComplex is a society management software that takes over security necessities and offers an exceptional living experience. This software encompasses a wide variety of features and has an integrated payment gateway so that you can pay your utility bills periodically. The payment gateway incorporates the collection of dues and collects rents from tenants. ApnaComplex is a software application that takes minimal effort to get used to and it very efficiently maintains records of entry and exits in a timely manner.

  1. Sahiwala Credit society accounting

The Sahiwala Credit Society Accounting Members ERP Software is based on the laws of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960. This ERP software application ensures that the transaction of loans and deposits are done as per the prescribed laws of the societies act. This society maintenance software collects all details related to members such as the members’ name, nominee details, deposits made, loans taken, shares holding, cheque collection, etc. Also, this software also covers information like dividends declared, default members, transfers made, etc.

  1. MyGate

MyGate is a society management software in India. This security community management application helps increase the safety and security in residential societies and housing estates. Only after verification and approval by residents can visitors, daily staff, and delivery personnel enter the premises of the society. This society management application helps with the secure verification of every visitor, be it the housing help staff or the parcel delivery individual. 

  1. onesociety

The onesociety is the one-stop solution to manage your housing society and maintain a comfortable living environment. This housing society software application is the best of the lot because it has a set of features dedicated for the society officials and members separately. Some of the features offered by onesociety to society officials include automated billing, sophisticated accounting packages and complaint management. With the onesociety software application, you can generate manual invoices at the end of every month. With onesociety, you can automate the process of generating invoices and send them to the respective members without any manual interference. It has a built-in housing society accounting module that is built as per the regulation of the housing society by-laws. Some features that are dedicatedly commissioned for society members include alerts for bills and payments, online bill payment feature, digital notice board, etc. 

  1. ADDA Gatekeeper

Adda Gatekeeper is an application by APARTMENTADDA. It is a security solution for the housing society’s visitor management, staff management, and it helps to deal with security issues. You no longer need to manually record information at the security gates of an apartment. Adda gatekeeper helps the users to track visitors, staff members, etc. You can record the details of the visitor such as name, phone number, the apartment he is visiting, vehicle number, the photograph of the visitor, etc. 

  1. ADDA ERP Software

Adda ERP is multi-purpose software that has been designed for real estate managers. This innovative apartment management solution helps monitor activities in society and reduces security risks at any given time. Property managers can effectively and easily manage their condo, apartment complex, and association with the help of ADDA ERP. The software offers a single platform where members can interact with other community members without any hassles. 

  1. SocietyRun

SocietyRun is a web-based Housing Society Management solution for uptown and commercial complexes and housing societies. It provides smart housing societies solutions and it comprehensively provides services to co-operative housing societies and is an expert in high-tech billing and accounting services to housing societies. Some of the features of this society management solution are payment gateway, email/SMS broadcast, accounting report, society share, housing management, etc. 

  1. SocietynMore

Societynmore is a security management software that ensures the security of gated communities. An exhaustive list of members living in the society is created for enhanced surveillance. A list of non-community members such as friends, families are created and it is categorized as pre-approved expected visitors.

  1. HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance

HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance manages the important data of your complex all from one place. The important data comprise the details of the owners, residents, vendors, staff, vehicles, documents, assets, income, expenses, dues, etc. There is complete transparency in the operations and hence it satisfies the owners and residents of the society. The entire complex can be professionally managed with processes supported by tools.

  1. Society Maxx

Society Maxx is a complete Apartment Management Software that has been designed to serve startups, SMBs, SMEs and agencies. This apartment management software which has a simple and clean interface provides end-to-end solutions for windows operating systems. This apartment management software application helps with society management, community collaboration, security and easy billing and accounts. This application also assists in sending payment reminders, help desk management, vendor management and tracking income and expenses.

The world is progressing towards modernity and technology is getting more advanced like never before. Today, the impact of technology in our lives is immeasurable and one of the best examples of this is housing society management software which has reduced the necessity of human interference and made lives easy by saving time and money. It is important for residential societies to have robust and advanced housing society management software because it helps make the jobs of people easier and ensures safety and security to society members and residents alike. 

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