3-Ways of Visitor Authentication With Onegate

onegate, the visitor management solution from the house of www.cubeoneapp.com, is a full-fledged visitor and gate management solution for the housing societies and any other gated premises, say schools, office buildings, manufacturing units, etc. The solution comes in two parts, or rather two mobile apps, one called onegate app for the admin and gatekeepers and the second one is oneapp for the members of the premises. While onegate allows admins to set rules and manage staff & the gatekeepers to keep records of the visitors, oneapp allows the members to get notified about their visitor, manage their visitors, and communicate with gatekeepers,  admins, or even the other members.

Both the apps are available in Google Play Store and App Store for easy download.

In this post, we will look into a little detail about how a member can authenticate his/her visitor in onegate solution. There are three ways to authenticate a guest/visitor when they arrive at the gates. Let’s have a look: 

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onegate solution allows the members of the premises to pre-authorize their expected or planned guests/visitors easily via their member portal, oneapp. 

  • Go to the oneapp my visitor section.
  • Click the ‘Invite Guests’ button.
  • Fill in the details of the guest, name, contact details, arrival time and purpose of visit. 
  • Click ‘Invite’ to invite the guest.

The guest will receive a passcode with the invitation. The passcode needs to be provided at the gate to the gatekeeper for easy, quick and authorized access to the premises.


When a visitor arrives at the gate, the gatekeeper takes down the details of the visitor and the unit to which the visitor is intending to visit. The records are taken down in the onegate app in the gatekeeper’s tablet device. Upon inputting the unit details, an app-to-app IVR call is set up from the gatekeeper’s onegate app to the member’s oneapp. The member receives  the call with the option to reject or approve the visitors along with the details of the visitors. The member can either allow or reject the visitor. If rejected the visitor will be denied entry right at the society gate.


In case a visitor arrives and the member has missed the IVR call for approval, yet there is another option to get confirmation from the member before deciding whether the visitor should be let in or not. That is the Intercom call. onegate solution offers app-to-app intercom connectivity among all the members, gatekeepers, and admins within gated premises. The gatekeeper can set a call to the unit which the visitor is intending to visit and get verbal approval from the member. Or the member himself/herself can call up and enquire about the visitor and decide whether to approve or reject.

Therefore as you can see by now that with the onegate visitor management solution your safety and security are well fortified. To know more about onegate, request a free demo now.

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