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CubeOne Gate is envisioned to ensure enhanced security for every kind of gated premises, complexes, educational institutions, hotels and manufacturing units.

Gate Security

Pre-defined restricted to the areas within the premises. Enhanced security by bringing together data and systems working in Silos and getting meaningful actionable insights.

Automated Visitor Monitoring

Effective management of the visitors by providing easy entering of visitor data while entering the premises, managing queues and even monitoring overstay of the visitors.

Pre-authorizing Guests

Pre-authorizing facility of the expected guests to quicken their entry process and verification at security check.


Specially collated features to fit into any gated community offering absolute security!

Tablet/PC-based gate management with self service kiosks

Helps capturing the details of the visitors, staff and vehicles entering the premises right at the security gate. The system is easily integrable with self-service kiosks helping avoid long visitor queue and further ease out the entry process.

Resident/Staff ID Cards

By integrating with the provided ID cards to the residents/staff, only the verified people are allowed access to the approved areas like clubhouse, gym, etc.

Staff Management

All the staff can be attached through integrated Biometrics devices and card scanner. Maintain a blacklist record. The staff who are blacklisted in the app for any reason can be held back or blocked from entering the premises. Also it helps maintain attendance records of the staff.

Instant Visitor Notifications

Members receive instant notifications of the visitors who come to visit their home / office. Also get an automated phone call from CubeOne gate app in case they miss the instant notification.


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