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The best visitor and gate management system to manage visitors and ensure security in your gated premises.

Efficient Admin module

A highly efficient administrative portal offers full-fledged management controls over the areas like staff management, visitor & gate management, and member management.

Convenient Member App

Highly convenient member portal incorporated in oneapp makes the life of the occupants easy and safe by enabling them to take charge of their visitors like approving visitors before entry, pre-authorizing guests, tracking domestic help’s entry, and a host of other convenience features.

Multi-lingual onegate App

Easy-to-operate and multilingual, onegate app is designed to make sure that it is simple and understandable enough to be handled by every gatekeeper. Also, it allows capturing visitor data more hygienically without any need of man-to-man contact and thereby reducing the chance of health hazards for your gate and security personnel.

Oneapp for all you need

oneapp is an all-rounder application for a convenient lifestyle. From ensuring gate security and visitor management to managing society’s tasks and connecting with your society & neighborhood, oneapp serves it all. Get visitor notification, pre-authorize guests, manage society tasks like bill payment and complaint raise, find and order from your neighborhood essential stores, restaurants, and many other conveniences only with our exclusive oneapp.

3 - Layered Security

The privacy of your data is the priority of our company. Our 3-layered security ensures that your premises’ and visitor data is always secured. All our softwares is built on a dedicated tenant architecture model that allows us to host each society, premises, or business in the individual cloud databases within the server and provide privacy control in admin and as well as member levels.


Specially collated features to fit into any gated community offering absolute security!


Tablet/PC-based gate management software with self-service kiosks

Now capture the details of the visitors, staff, and vehicles entering your gated premises easily and hygienically with the help of technology. Simple and easy onegate app can be easily operated by the gatekeepers and the system can also get integrated with the self-service kiosks to further help in avoiding long visitor queues and ease out the entry process.

Community driven security

Safety lies in unity. Now fortify your safety and security with the inputs from all around you. onegate allows the input of safety information and data from all quarters that are using it, say the admins, gatekeepers, and other occupants, who practically become your eyes and ears and ensures that you are always in a helpful and secured environment.

Staff Management

Apart from managing visitors, onegate also doubles up as your staff management software that allows you to keep records of the staff, mark and track their attendance, and also the authentication of their staff status.


Instant visitor notification

Manage your visitors easily and hassle-free. onegate notifies you right in your smartphone as soon as a visitor seeks entry to visit you or your unit. You can approve or reject the entry in your smartphone itself upon which the gatekeeper will act accordingly. Even if you miss a notification, the gatekeeper can call you to seek your permission before allowing any visitor inside. Now rest assured that no more unwanted visitors will pop on your door again.

Pre-authorizing guests

The security of the premises is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your guests feel special. With onegate, pre-authorize your expected guests and share the entry code with your guests. Your authorized guests will be given quick and question-less entry into the premises upon providing the entry code/pass at the entrance.

Track of domestic helps’ entry

Now no need of knocking on the doors of the neighbors to know if the maid or driver or other house helps have reported for work or not. Keep track of your domestic staff's entry into the premises and get notified easily via your smartphone.


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