Gate Management

Tablet-based Gate Management

Capture the details of the visitors, staffs and vehicles’ in-out activities right at the security gate using the CubeOne Gate App.

Integrate with Security Equipment

Enhance your security structure further by bringing together data and systems working in Silos and get meaningful actionable insights.

Community driven Security

Your security system gets further fortified as every other residents and security guards becomes your eye and ear towards ensuring security thanks to their ability to provide inputs via CubeOne Gate.

Multi-tiered access system

This system allows regulating the access of any visitor only to the approved areas within the premises. It can be configured at internal entry-exit gates itself.

Integration with self-service kiosks

The system can be easily integrated with the self-service kiosks to avoid long visitor queue and further ease out the entry process without compromising on the security factor.

Visitor Management

Capture Photos of Visitor

Add an extra level of security by capturing photo of visitors when they enter the premises.

Automated Visitor Management

This feature allows effective management of the visitors by providing easy entering of visitor data while entering the premises, managing queues and even monitoring overstay of the visitors.

Visitor Authentication

Verification of visitor authenticity is easy now. Verify the details of the visitors right in the security gate and allow only the verified and authentic people to enter the premises.

Guest Gate Pass

Make your guests feel special. This feature allows pre-authorizing the planned and pre-informed guests thereby quickening their entry process. The digital gate pass can be shared with the guests via WhatsApp, email and even SMS.

Staff Management

Capture Photos of Staff

Add an extra level of security by capturing photos of staff when they enter the premises.

Staff Authentication

Verify the details of the staff right in the security gate and allow only the verified, approved and authentic staff to enter the premises.

Staff Attendance

Going a step further, CubeOne Gate also helps you in staff management as we streamlined the staff entry-exit data to integrate with their attendance record.

Biometric Integrations within the system

Along with assimilating important data related to the staff who enter the premises on regular basis, this feature also makes the access and the task of regulating the access of the staff easier and hassle-free. All the staff can mark attendance through integrated Biometrics devices and card scanner.

Blacklist Record

Vizlog also allows to maintain a blacklist record. The staff who are blacklisted in the app for any reason can be held back or blocked from entering the premises.

Provision for police verification

The police verification feature can be provided in the Vizlog app through direct third party integration.


Instant Visitor Notifications

Residents and owners receive instant notifications of the visitors came to visit their home / office.

Mobile Intercom

The facility of the mobile intercom allows members/residents to authorize the visitors directly through the app in gated-community or business center gates.

Security Or Health Emergency Alarm

This feature is extremely helpful as it allows the members to raise an alarm and call out for help in case of any emergency related to health, security or any mishap.

Pre-authorizing expected guests

This feature allows the members to pre-authorize their expected guests thereby quickening their entry process. The digital gate pass can be shared with the guests via whatsapp, email and even SMS.

Domestic Staff Management

One of the very unique features of CubeOne App, this allows each unit member to manage their domestic staffs and get informed as they enter the premises. So to know whether your cook or maid or driver has come or not, all you need to do is check your app.

House Lock Option to Residents

This feature ensures that while you are out of the premises or on vacation, no visitor is allowed to reach up to your door.

Management Committee

Manage Members

One of the preliminary features for the management committee is to manage the members. CubeOne Gate helps the committee to keep records of the residents and track moving in and out of the tenants.

Automatic Reports/Alerts

This feature helps the management committee to optimize and enhance security through alerts and actionable reports.

Water Tanker / Material Entry Exit Management

This helps to monitor water tanker information from anywhere and prevent pilferage.

Access Management

Resident/Staff ID Cards

By integrating with the provided ID cards to the residents/staffs, only the verified people are allowed access to the approved areas like clubhouse, gym, etc

Gate Pass

This feature automatically prints out the visitor pass as a visitor checks in.

Parking Management

App Based Automated Parking & Vehicle Access Management

Ease out vehicle and parking management using the automated parking management system. Check available parking before allowing vehicle to enter in the premises

Vehicle Pre Authorization

Keep track of the registered vehicle of alloted parking, generate Parking Batch or Integrate with RFID Tag.

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