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CubeOne Retail POS is specially designed for the retail industry to streamline and smoothen billing experiences both for the business and customers.


Eboard synchronizes the product catalog across all online portals and POS devices. Display, change and update your product catalog at one place and get it synchronized at all other platforms simultaneously, hassle-free.


GST compliant money module keeps track of all your billing, invoice, delivery, income and expenses in a synchronized platform.


Specialized point of sale system with cloud storage and mobility solution specially formulated for the retail businesses to make buying/selling experience seamless and convenient.

Inventory Manager

The integrated inventory manager helps managing stock batchwise and manage and track stock of combo products and kits. The corresponding mobile app serves handy during physical stock verification.


The built-in CRM provides valuable insight into consumers’ buying behavior and helps growing sales pipeline and retaining customers.


Specialized features and synchronized modules to provide all necessary boosts to your retail business.

User-friendly dashboard for faster billing and checkout

The user-friendly and intuitive dashboard makes billing and checkout faster by allowing search and pick products right on the same screen. It offers a categorized product list that aids in choosing in a single click.

Synchronized product catalog at all purchase points

A synchronized product catalog keeps all the sales points up-to-date upon any update made on any one single point. Also, that keeps the estimation of sales made across all sales points consolidated and always updated for your quick reference.

Real-time monitoring of the business

CubeOne Retail POS allows you the remote access to the real-time reports such that you can monitor your business from any internet-enabled device, anywhere, anytime.

Robust customer database with the help of CRM

The built-in CRM helps secure a customer database with information about customers buying behaviors, leads, and opportunities from various sources.

Split Bill/Multimode payment

This feature allows settling a bill via multiple payment modes i.e. cards, cash, coupons, etc. offering customers the ease of payment.

First print receipt, then update payment mode

In CubeOne Retail POS, we offer an option where one can choose the print receipt first and then update (ask customer) for the mode of payment for greater convenience to your customers deciding on their payment


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Comfortable pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes.


Ideal for newbee businesses getting started


for 3 Users / monthly / device

  • Catalog Manager
  • Billing
  • Tax Master
  • Offer Management
  • Staff Manager
  • Cloud Sync
  • Basic Reports
  • Master Catalog
  • Customer Management
  • Feedback App


Ideal for mid-sized growing businesses


for 5 Users / monthly / device

  • Everything in Starter and ...

  • Online Orders
  • Aggregator Orders
  • Delivery Manager
  • PriceBook
  • Business Listing
  • Bill/Expense Management
  • Cash Register
  • Vendor Management
  • Delivery Challan
  • Advance Reports
  • Purge Manager
  • Purchase and Approval Management
  • Spillage Management
  • Multi Store/Warehouse Management
  • Promocode Master
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Wallet Integration


Ideal for the settled enterprise level businesses


for 25 Users / monthly / device

  • Everything in Standard and ...

  • Bill Scanner
  • Multi Chain Franchise
  • Barcode Printing & Scanning
  • Campaign Manager
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