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Customer-friendly Quick Payment Process

We believe that a happy customer is a returning customer. Therefore offering customer convenience via our Retail POS is one of the features that can help businesses retain and gain customers. Accordingly, our payment process has been designed in a customer-friendly format to make customers feel comfortable and warm. It first prints the receipt followed by allowing to choose the payment mode. This is done to help customers see the actual amount and then as per convenience decide on payment option.

Multiple Payment Option

An extension to our customer-friendly payment process is a multi-mode payment option. CubeOne Retail POS offers splitting of a payable amount for allowing payment or settlement via multiple modes namely cards, cash, coupons, etc. This is an added benefit for the customers who may not be having the entire amount in one single format or may want to redeem coupons for a portion of the amount.

Customer Relationship Management

Our built-in customer relationship management (CRM) module acts as an accelerator for your business by aiding in growing sales pipeline and retaining customers. The module captures customer data creating an updated and easy-referable customer database. Also breaking and analyzing the customers’ buying behavior, it generates useful customer insight reports to help you take your business further depending on real consumer behavior intrinsic to your business rather than random assumptions and market surveys.

Retail Store POS

Bulk data import

This feature allows importation of bulk product data e.g. product details, etc. and aids in minimizing errors related to the individual data entry in the final interface.

Synchronized and integrated e-catalog

Our integrated e-catalog gets auto-updated once any change is made in a product. Subsequently, it displays the synchronized product and price list to all the purchase points, be it in-store or online, making updated data always ready to be referred and taking estimation of sale.

Offers & Promo Code

This module is dedicated for planning and applying your sales booster like offers and promo codes. You can plan an offer and also devise a promo code, that too well ahead of time and define it into the system to be applicable from/on chosen date and time and for the chosen duration. Accordingly, the system will apply the defined offer and promo code to the mentioned products or categories in pre-set date and time and duration.

Tax Manager/GST Settings

This setting allows CubeOne Retail POS to be suitable for usage in various countries with different tax rules and systems. This helps to define tax rules with respect to Country, State and City having different and multiple ranges. Upon these pre-configured rules, the taxes get auto-applied to the products while getting billed and also reflect the tax amount in a separate column. In India, our POS comes complaint with the GST tax rule.

Sales Point

Easy-to-use and handy dashboard for quick billing and checkout

Simple and clutter-free design of the billing interface makes it easier to use and further aids in quick billing and checkout process. Categorized product listing and single-click actions effectively cut the hassles from the total process, reducing the time devoted to the single customer thereby making room for increased customer service.

Multi-cashier Accounts

Retail POS systems are usually handled by multiple cashiers. But they need not share a common account for it. With CubeOne Retail POS, now creating individual cashier accounts are possible. Each cashier can use their own account while serving customers. This will not only increase their responsibility but will also give a clear picture to the management about cash handling and reconciling receipts and cash drawer.

Data Syncing Facility

CubeOne Retail POS doesn’t go blackout and out-synced in any unfortunate event of internet loss. Even if the POS loses internet connectivity, it continues working and accepting orders, processing data and printing bills. Once internet connectivity is restored, it syncs all the locally stored data to the cloud making the entire event hassle-free and seamless.


Integrated Inventory Manager

CubeOne Retail POS comes with an integrated inventory manager that helps to update stock in real-time as sales happen. It allows managing stock batchwise and manage and track stock of combo products and kits. It also helps to maintain daily stock closer reports. We also provide mobile app for the module as well that serve handy while physical stock verification.

Back Office

Remotely monitoring business

With CubeOne Retail POS, you can now monitor your business remotely in real-time. Simply with the help of an internet-enabled device, you can access the updated business reports like sales data, product data etc. anytime, anywhere and formulate policy and apply at the same time.

Useful Business Insight

We understand that streamlining management processes alone is not going to serve the purpose if the customer base is not increased. Therefore, we have taken care to holistically design our application to assist in your overall business growth. An altogether separate module for reports that are auto-generated after analyzing various aspects of your business data like customer data, sales data, product data, etc. is dedicated to providing useful insights that mirror the real status of your business and also helps in devising future plans and policies.

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