5 benefits of having a digital menu for your restaurant

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The ways of doing restaurant businesses are certainly going to change havoc in the post-Covid era. Touching unnecessary things has to be brought down to minimal for the sake of safety of both the customers and restaurant staff. The menu being the one item that makes rounds from table to table, changing hand to hand, it is the one thing that needs to be sorted at the earliest. Thanks to the good restaurant management solutions, the digital menu is already a thing in the market.

Digital menus are also known as e-Menu or Electronic Menu. Sometimes it is also known with the name of Electronic Catalogue. It is the list of the products sold by the business along with the price and sometimes little details, available in the electronic mediums and accessed by using a device like a laptop, mobile, or tablet. Simply put, it is the soft copy version of the physical menu, think restaurant menu card.

Now comes the important question. What are the benefits of using a digital menu or e-menu?


  • It is QUICKER.
  • It is CHEAPER.

Let’s see how the above claims justify themselves with the digital menu or e-menu.

Quick: Digital menus are designed and hosted electronically. The time is consumed to conceptualize the design and get that developed in the software and post. There is no time wastage for printing, and then distributing.

Convenient: It is a huge term. And mostly all the pointers show how convenient it is. In this tab, however, we will discuss the convenience it possesses being easily editable. Changing a physical menu, even a small mere change, can be a task unless you decide to go untidy and clumsy and change the text by cutting and writing again with a pen. But with e-menu, it is easy and clean and quick and convenient. Simply edit, change, and post again and your menu is renewed in a fraction of time.

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Eco-friendly: Being digital, it doesn’t use paper. Since there is no usage of paper, it means a lesser attack on trees. Therefore by going electronic on some simple matters like the menu of your restaurant, you are actually contributing towards the preservation of nature.

Cheaper: When you compare the subscription price of the software that helps you feature your menu electronically with the price you need to pay for getting the physical menu printed, you yourself will get the justification of this point. Moreover, consider the point that each time you make any change in your menu, you will require the same amount of money again to get the new ones printed. Whereas the subscription price of the software remains the same, how many times you may edit or change your menu.

Beyond boundaries: Digital menu is available online therefore anyone, at any time and from anywhere in the world, having access to the internet, can access your menu. Therefore, if your business is the one that is expandable beyond the borders of region, city, state, and even country,  the digital menu is the thing you must consider today.

Oneresto, the restaurant management solution from the house of oneapp, provides full-fledged management solutions for managing and maintaining the restaurant businesses. The Digital menu comes as a part of the management solution. To know more about the oneresto or digital menu, you can opt for the free demo absolutely free of cost. 

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