How analytics can help with decision-making in a restaurant business!

Technological advancement in the world of business management has enabled us to extract various data from various nodes of the business management process. And these data when putting together in a proper format can help in generating various analytical reports that can significantly help in understanding the market trends & demands and planning the future strategies in a business. 

Coming to the restaurant business and its analytics, a restaurant business can nab several analytical reports based on its customers’ buyer behavior to the payment procedure and make considerable use of the same in planning out future menus and other amenities so as to gain more popularity and hence business growth and success. A good restaurant management system can churn out several analytical reports for a restaurant business pretty seamlessly and regularly.

In today’s post, let’s check out some of the ways how analytics can help with decision-making & business planning in a restaurant business.

  • Improving customer service

Needless to say, there is always room for improvement in customer service for any business. And more so for the restaurant businesses. However, how to improve your customer service, which arena to be focussed more, can be a really tricky question. There are several things in your restaurant that a customer may like and interestingly, it may happen that those are the things which you may not have considered like-able. Say, for example, an option to split the bill to help in settling the payment via multiple modes or splitting the bill conveniently among friends can be one of the very preferred services in your restaurant which doesn’t even cost a fraction of your profit but helps to gain customer loyalty and repeat business. Again, you may have invested a fortune in installing a robotic waiter in your outlet, but customers simply stop liking it after the initial excitement is over because of the lack of emotional connection. A proper analytical report with your customers’ data can help you understand which area you need to make an investment on and which can be done later.

Customer service is the most important factor for restaurants.  Read here for some pro tips to help you give your customers an enjoyable experience in your eatery.

  • More efficient staff scheduling 

A proper analytical report helps to understand the traffic at a different time of a day, which in turn helps in more proper and efficient staff scheduling. Say, for example, if the afternoon is your high-traffic time, you can schedule 5-6 service people at the time, whereas, if the morning is low-traffic time, you can just schedule 2. Therefore, instead of having 4 staff all the time, you can divide and schedule your staff strength for more efficient functioning and customer service. Also, analytics can give you well-enough insight into the efficiency of your staff members.

  • Create Smarter Menus 

Well, this one is a no-brainer. Every restaurant, whether big or small, whether having a proper analytics system in place or not, formulate their menus depending on the popularity of their dishes and ingredients. Only, having a proper system in place makes the task more accurate. A Proper analytics system gives a clear picture of the popularity of a dish or ingredients in a clean understandable format, making the deduction from them and hence decision-making more easier and effective. And the more popular the menu, the more chances of the popularity of the restaurant.

Again at the same time, a proper analytical figure of the demand and consumption in your diner, can help you figure out and stock your inventory more properly so as to minimize the food or ingredients wastage.

  • Improve Marketing

One of your primary sources for filling seats is marketing, and when you are able to see the successes and losses of campaigns or tailor them to individual preferences, that makes them much stronger. 

Whether it’s a week by week Panner Makhani Tuesday special or something progressively temporary, as “Maa Keh hath ka khana” walla menu, tracking a campaign and comparing the sales data can always help is figuring out what works and what does not, and marketing campaigns for future can be more effectively chalked out.

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