5 Best Society Management Software in India

5 Best Society Management Software in India

Facing problems while living in a society? Have troubles with managing, accounting and communicating in your residential complex? Then your search ends here. Let’s find out about the five best society management software that provides us with a single platform integrating all the dimensions of living in a society. The basic key features of this software are that they are easy to use and save a lot of our time.


  1. Onesociety: Coming from the house of oneapp, onesociety is presently one of the best housing society management solutions in the market. The solution offers 360-degree solutions to manage and maintain a housing society. The solution comes in two integrated portals and apps that bring all the stakeholders, owners, tenants, and society administrators together. The solution boasts of a meticulous accounting module specially designed for the housing societies and makes keeping records, and the year-end audit a hassle-free task. The other modules include complaint management, vendor management, parking management, income-expense tracker, bill generation and payment collection tracker and more.
  1. Apartment-Adda: Apartmentadda is a one-stop portal for all owners, tenants and the management office.  This software helps to bring in proficiency and transparency on how an apartment society association is being run. It also brings forth connection in the procedures, irrespective of all the changes in the Society Office. All you need is the Apartment Adda software and managing all the important things in your society.
  1. ItsMyaccount: Another cloud-based apartment management software that helps to manage various apartment related activities, be it raising invoices to the collections and tracking with further facility bookings to meeting invitations.
  1. SocietyInn: Society Inn is known to have some advanced features that help to access the accounts easily and access your complex details and past data like member data, past expenses, assets, vehicles, parking lots etc. Society Inn has been designed, keeping all the important factors in mind relating to the apartment management system. 
  1. Mynukad: MyNukad has a rather complex and professional way to resolve your apartment society problems and provides you with various other features which makes it easier to live in your society or apartment complex by just enrolling your society in this software and using its basic features for free. It does not contain any hidden costs. The variety of features includes almost all the features, starting from complaints management, notice board, visitor management to helper management etc. 

Is your society using any society management software at present? What do you like most about the solution? Let us know in the comments.

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