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The year 2022 will be marked as a very vital year in the history of business, be it of any kind. After 2 years of constant fight against coronavirus, this is the year when we are finally starting to co-live with the virus and its impact. Yes, by the time, all of us are more or less aware that the virus is going nowhere, instead, we have to learn to live our life with it. Right from our way of living life to our way of doing business, everything has gone or is in process of undergoing change so as to make it the safest possible for everyone. 

We are expecting to see quite some change in every industry this year. Let us discuss here what the trends are likely in the restaurant industry in the year 2022.



Contactless ordering & delivery plays a crucial role in the restaurant industry now. Customers are keener to have a good time and food from the comfort of their homes. Here the online websites of restaurants and food delivery applications help the restaurants to stay in business. Customers easily place their orders without getting exposed. And then their food is delivered in time to their doorsteps without any exposure or contact. This is not only helping the restaurants to stay in business, it is abiding by the law by sticking to the Covid19 safety protocols, they are cutting down on their finances too. Now restaurant owners are thinking of more kitchens and fewer dining spaces which can cut the costs too. 

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With technological advancements, the restaurant industry is bound to include more advanced technologies be it for ordering purposes or delivery or maintaining sanitization. There are restaurants that are working on implementing Robots to do the work. In this crisis period, the restaurant industry faced a huge labour shortage. That is why research work is going on to add robots who can do the job perfectly. 

For the off-line interactions, when customers arrive in the restaurants, they can place contactless orders too, through the mobile applications of the restaurant in their mobile or tablets. They can even reserve seats and check out menus and order them up beforehand from home and then enjoy a contactless, less interactive dinner date. With innovative tools, restaurant staff can sanitise utensils, furniture, tables, chairs, and even guests who enter. This dedicated work not only increases business but also increases online credibility too. 


With passing time, pop-ups & food trucks are very much a part of the restaurant industry trends that are going on for the past few years and 2022 won’t be different either. A pop-up comes with exclusivity. The restaurant owners are trying to embrace it even if the labour might be more demanding but the payoff is worth the effort. Restaurants can set up an exclusive menu and charge more than normal. The success of pop-ups depends on the area, the community, the online credibility of the restaurant and marketing strategies. This incurs good profits so it’s a good trend to follow in 2022. 


Menu trends in restaurants across the world keep changing and evolving. So it is always important to know what is trending based on different concepts across the world. Some trending concepts which can help the restaurant industry to evolve and do more business would be :

a.) People are more eager to include healthier options that are tasty on the menu. 

b.) Visibly marking the vegan and vegetarian items in the menu 

c.) Organic produce and incorporating them into the menu is a must now.

d.) There is a noticeable change listed again on ethnic preferences. Currently, Middle-Eastern and Pan-Asian Cuisines are trending. 


With ongoing mass awareness of global warming, climate change & plastic wastes, consumers are very particular about what they are putting in their bodies and about the place from where the food is coming. A restaurant industry trend does not only depend on food and services. Consumers look up to those restaurants which adapt to practical eco-friendly solutions. This has led to a rise in green kitchens where restaurants are trying to incorporate good practices like recycling and reusing leftovers whenever possible in a good healthy way, using biodegradable wares such as paper straws, paper cups and fibre to-go containers to reduce plastic wastes. 

Are you a restaurant owner? What are the changes you are planning to implement in your business or have already implemented to make your restaurant safer for the customers and also help your business grow? Will you mind sharing it with us in the comments?

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