5 technologies transforming restaurant businesses

The “New-Normal Era” has developed so many technologies and inventions in the past 1 year, especially for the kitchen and restaurant businesses. Technology has been playing a pivotal role for their operations. Experts are now coming up with so many digital solutions to  help restaurateurs make their business easier, faster and more profitable. 

We are talking about the 5 best technologies that have been welcomed and incorporated into the world of the restaurant business to make them run more efficiently and profitably.  

  • Bluetooth sensors for body temperature check 

There are several restaurateurs who have started using  Bluetooth temperature monitoring systems to make sure that their food and equipment are safe. These Bluetooth sensors can automatically read the temperature readings that will ultimately lead you to an approach towards the safety of your staff, restaurant, and more importantly your customers. 

  • Task scheduling software

A restaurateur knows how difficult it can be to deal with the scheduling of tasks, although now for them there is a fresh air of relief as there is software that can take care of the scheduling tasks.  Within a few minutes, the software can help you generate and distribute a digital task sheet to all your employees, in which shift timings, positions, and rest of their responsibilities according to their availability, time and shifts will be mentioned and guided in detail. 

  • Digital inventory tracking 

The manual ways of inventory management are a thing of the past now, as digital inventory tracking has become necessary and in a way inevitable for large enterprises.  There are several restaurants that are switching to digital inventory management systems as they help them get a better understanding of their products and stocks at their inventory house. 

For your convenience, oneresto already has this feature. Once you install oneresto as your restaurant management system, you will be able to customize the products, inventory and your stock as per your convenience from the comfort of your mobile phone. Moreover, our unique restaurant management system has a feature that sends you “Low Stock Alert” so that you don’t fall short of your stock during any period of time. 

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  • Digital tablets for billing and kiosks 

You must have seen that there are several local chains and restaurants that have now started using digital mediums such as tablets and smartphones to place their order, this feature and technology gives a modern feel to your restaurant and furthermore, it allows you to do a contact-less service for your customers. This not just helps you give better service to your customers, but it also increases the efficiency and profitability of your restaurant. 

  • Table reservation feature 

There are several restaurants who suffer a loss due to long waiting queues of their customers, this not only disheartens the customer but also creates a fuss to make things quick which ultimately leads to poor customer service. 

With oneresto software, you can manage the reservations of your restaurant efficiently by listing their names in the software, also you can give an estimated waiting time for them to rest assured. 

All of these technological advances are made for the betterment of you and your restaurant business so that you attain unmatchable profits. At oneresto, we have kept in mind every small requirement of a restaurant owner and developed our software for you to have a seamless business experience. To prove that, we will provide you FREE DEMO till your satisfaction! Claim yours now.

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