7 restaurant technology trends in 2022

restaurant technology trends in 2022

Pandemic has pushed a lot of industries to adapt to technological advancements, the restaurant industry is one of them. Going contactless is one of the biggest things that the restaurant has to adapt to maintain the social distancing norms and all thanks to technology, they succeeded. New age technological innovations helped the restaurant industry transform and are in business in this contactless era. Be it online ordering, self-checkouts or contactless digital payments to delivery and pick-up, the F&B industry has adapted itself to these new trends to succeed. 

Let’s check out what are some of the restaurant technology trends that can dominate 2022.


1. Online ordering and delivery apps: Though online ordering was not exactly a pandemic thing and started much before that, pandemic gave it a significant boost and made it what it is called ‘mainstream’. Order from a mobile phone and get the food home-delivered, well a convenience too dear to part with. So online ordering and food delivery apps are going to stay and become stronger in the coming years.

2. Contactless payment: Just like online ordering, contactless delivery too received full momentum due to pandemics, and is here to stay. It’s estimated that contactless payments will triple from $2 trillion to $6 trillion worldwide by 2024, and having such options are reportedly extremely important for 34% of customers. With no cash hand, no human contact is required – more hygienic and safer – and it’s quick, instant and convenient.

3. Reserving table online: Table reservation technology has become quite a rage now and there are many such online apps that provide their customers with the liberty to check out available slots and make their bookings on the go. With the help of these high tech reservation systems, restaurants can manage seating, waitlists, customer loyalty and dining preferences as well as collect data for market insights.   

4. Digital kitchen displays: KDS or Kitchen Digital Systems refer to as a digital menu board for the kitchen staff helping restaurants to channelise their back house operations. KDS is directly linked with the restaurant POS or Point Of Sale system, where the screen displays the orders automatically prioritising and flagging any special dietary requests. It also helps to track meal delivery and monitor inventory to signal if a product is out of stock. This technological solution ensures much better communication, accuracy, clearer workflows and is 100% digital working towards a more sustainable kitchen operation. 

5. Automated inventory management software: By automating the inventory management, one can track food and beverage stocks, anticipating quantities and scheduling reorders do not seem time-consuming anymore. By implementing this software, one can reduce wastage of food save huge costs and help in running the restaurants more efficiently and sustainably.

6. QR codes: In this post-pandemic no-touch era, QR codes come in handy. Simply by scanning barcodes with smartphone cameras on posters, tables, coasters, doors or websites, the customers can access online menus, order and can even pay online keeping the diners and employees safe. QR codes are going global and are going to dominate all spheres of business very soon. 

7. Air purification technology: It’s very crucial nowadays to make the diners feel safe and comfortable. Therefore upgrading their sanitization systems has kind of become a priority now. Air purification technology is gaining importance on the ground. Harmless technologies like bipolar ionization purify the air and surfaces in the indoor spaces by neutralizing contaminants and has already been quite popular in the market along with systems that make use of ultraviolet light are also effective for both air and surface sanitization. Even if these concepts and products are not yet mainstream, they have become one of the most important technology post-pandemic. 

What do you think about these technologies? Are they going to boost the restaurant business?

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