7 tips for your retail business growth

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Being a retail entrepreneur, there are times when we hit a slump and feel frustrated when the sales are down or there isn’t much foot traffic. The best way to combat these situations is to seek help from a retail marketing expert who can guide us on how to make things work. 

Let’s discuss some of the important tips shared by many famous retail marketing and branding experts to help us grow our retail businesses:


  1. Give people a strong reason to visit your store:

The retailers should focus on how to market their brick-and-mortar stores by giving people a reason to visit their stores. Try to hold exclusive events, offer limited and only available items in-store, use online coupons to use in-store only and promote your store by providing special offers.

  1. Focus on how you sell your products:

Try to focus on how you sell your products. Set up a completely different customer approach and make sure it’s remarkable and attracts the customer. Products come and go but what matters is the approach and the remarkable shopping experience that makes your store different from the rest.

  1. Motivate customers to take action:

Holidays, festivals engender a feeling of urgency, Customers have very little time to get their lists from their loved ones and check them off. It is during such times can we entice them with items that are uniquely packaged for special occasions. One might stock up their stores with exclusive gifts and limited edition collections to attract customers. Always ensure that the customers feel that they are limited by time and inventory and are motivated to take action. The key to making them depend on your brand is to enhance their shopping experiences by catering to their needs and the urgency of getting the products at such limited time limits. 

  1. Be locally relevant:

Always ensure to be social and be familiar with the communities. The retailers must be grounded in and have familiar terms with the communities they operate within. This helps to grow the marketing and outreach ideas that can organically make sense for the people in those communities.

  1. Embrace shoppertainment:

In order to attract your customers, you need to run one major and two or three minor events in your store each month. A major event helps to build traffic and packs your store with customers. Make sure to hold major events that attract potential customers who not just participate but are interested to buy from these events.

A minor event may include the weekends full of demonstrations and mini know-how classes on your products. Minor events can draw customers to your store but should not take a lot of time to plan or implement.

If the concept of running events and promotions are new to a retailer, they can begin by running one major and one minor event for each month of the year. If the retailers are already running these events on a regular basis, they can introduce many more to enhance their marketing and sales growth. 

  1. Connect online with offline:

With technological advancements and the entirety of human knowledge at our fingertips, customers have become a lot savvier today. It is important for the retailers to provide access to the product information to these empowered customers and to facilitate unplanned purchases.

Nowadays, more than half of the customers use digital tools to pre-book the products but the majority of them want to complete their transactions in-store. When retailers think about using digital marketing for sales growth, they should not think in terms of capturing online sales only. By providing a great store locator, giving access to visit the real-time-in-store inventory and having a well-executed SEO plan are known to be considered amongst the highest value digital activities undertaken by any retailer these days. 

  1. Tell a visual story:

If your store is in a popular destination experiencing great foot traffic, make sure to create a great window that tells a story efficiently. The window display of your store must be an invitation to the passerby. A well-designed window display does encourage the sales impulse and increases a customer’s curiosity to check the available products. Many window displays even tug at their heartstrings. 

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