Best Online Tenant Police Verification Services in India

Best Online Tenant Police Verification

Renting has been trending for quite some time now. It is more in trend because of the ever shifting dynamics of Indian real estate. Renting is a profitable choice for many which at times takes care of a household or acts as a source of extra income. However before renting, it is advised that the landlord must practice extreme caution while finalizing tenants. Tenant Police Verification is a crucial part of the renting process which acts as a safeguarding process.


Police verification of tenants is necessary for the following reasons :

  • It can stop unlawful practices on the premises, like consuming drugs or drinks by students, bachelors or young working professionals who live alone. 
  • Tenant Police Verification in Residential Complexes helps in tracking crime and decreases the heinous crimes in the rented apartments as the identity proofs are submitted which makes it easier for the police to track them. 
  • It helps in stopping terror activities by terrorists who often rent places to stay in the city to carry out terror attacks. Fake identities expose the monsters.
  • Many foreigners rent apartments to stay. With proper police verification done, it is easier to track them in case their visas and contracts expire.
  • With proper police verification processes, many landlords are relieved of having decent tenants while they are outside the country or state. 
  • Police verification keeps a fear of law for the tenants. As their identity proofs are submitted with the police, they become extra careful to not make any mistakes to keep them from reaching out to their workforce to complain. 
  • Tenants take good care of the rented property. They pay rent on time. They don’t cause any damage to the property. All these due to police verification done before handing over the keys. 


A Tenant Police Verification form is available both online and offline. You can download the form from the website of the majority of police stations in India. You need to fill up the form with both the landlord and tenant information. Affix a current photograph of the tenant and sign at the bottom acknowledging that the details are true to the best of your knowledge. You can now submit the form and save the receipt for future references. 

For offline form submission, you can go to a nearby police station, ask for a Tenant Police Verification form and fill up with true details and submit with the police authority. 


It is a must for a landlord to find out about the personal  and professional details of the tenant. As the whole agenda of renting out a property is to make money and the experience hassle free, the landlord needs to understand the payment capacity of the tenant from their past rental history while ensuring that the tenant won’t cause any general or illegal offenses. This is a background check which you do for your own safety. 
A Tenant Police Verification is another process where police are involved in order to do a detailed check on details submitted before the handover of the keys. In major districts tenant verification is mandatory.


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