Essential 6-tier security system for housing societies

Maintaining safety and security in the housing society forms one of the main duties of social managers. With so many people of different families residing together as a whole large family, taking care of the entire system in itself can be very overwhelming.

In this post, we will talk about 6 main areas where one needs to look into at the very beginning while chalking out the security plan.


Fire and Electrical Audit

The first and foremost safety to be maintained is against any mishap relating to fire. Therefore fire and electricity audit is a must for the housing societies. This is an audit or official inspection done by the authorized officials to ensure that the capacity and usage of the electricity in a given premises is following the safety limitations. However, disaster prevention is not the only benefit of an electrical and fire audit. In the inspection, the officials also do check out the capacity of each unit and also the appliances plugged into it. They can evaluate which appliance is consuming more than necessary maybe because of a faulty part or being old and ridden.

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Security cameras and CCTV

Importance of keeping keen eyes can never be less stress upon. But is it possible to look after the entire society with just a few pairs of eyes. Well the solution is common now, CCTV cameras. Installing cameras in different locations within the society and keeping records of the activities throughout the day, not only helps in identifying anything off easily but also makes the residents feel safe and secured.

Security Guards

Security Guards are our frontliners when it comes to maintaining safety and security of the societies. Choosing well-trained and efficient security guards are very important. Not only do they safeguard us at the first level, but also welcome our guests and visitors and keep several records of the society’s ins and outs. While it is important to choose efficient people for the job, it is also important to provide them with proper technological aids to carry out their duties most efficiently.

Emergency contacts

Sense of security gets enhanced when people are assured of support and availability at any untoward incident that may happen. Provide your society residents with emergency contact numbers for any emergency situations. Also provide easy access to contact gatekeepers, society offices and committee members and other neighbors easily. The sense of being together and supported brings in a sense of peace and comfort.

Visitor’s book

Maintaining a visitor’s book is important for the safety of the society. Whoever is coming in and out of the society should be monitored on a regular basis both by the society managers at large and also by each unit owner. The process becomes easier when the entire visitor book is maintained in a digital platform and each other gets access to their own visitor data without making lines in front of the security kiosks. The arrangement is mainly important in the present pandemic situation.

Lift Safety

Lastly, lift safety should be regarded as important as electricity and fire safety. A lift mishap can even cost life. All the lifts should be done thorough maintenance at least once a year. Also in case of the situation when the button isn’t working, door isn’t closing properly or lift is not getting labelled on the floors, the situation should be handled as an emergency to avoid it getting escalated to a higher problem.

So how do you manage and maintain security in your housing society? Do share with us in the comment section below. 
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