Food trends to look forward in 2020

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Human being is constantly changing and so are their lifestyle and most importantly food pattern. As we are striving for awareness about our body and environment more and more, we are trying to bring in change about how we eat and what we eat. Every year, experts predict trends that are going to dominate the food industry for the year for more maybe to give a cue to the food businesses understand and plan their strategy accordingly maximize the business and to help out people achieving their food goals.

So, let’s check out what are the food trends that are going to dominate the year 2020 in India.

Alternative flours

Prolong consumption of wheat leads to a number of health issues like obesity and several other celiac disorders. Gluten is considered the main culprit here. Understanding the same, the other indigenous cereals and their flours like jowar, bajra, nachni which till date were mainly consumed by rural India in large quantity are finding their ways to the urban platters.

Ghee over vegetable oils

Ghee has been shunned for a long time by the health enthusiasts citing that it leads to the accumulation of body fat and adding to cholesterol level. Also, veganism being on the rise, ghee missed its place of being the prime important fat in our daily meal. However, ghee is about to gain its position back as studies have proved that a high amount of saturated fat in ghee gets metabolized faster in our body and actually lowers the cholesterol level in blood. On the other hand, unsaturated fat in vegetable oils oxidizes within our body and does irreversible harm to the body tissues.


This trend is on the rise for quite a few years now and it is likely to pull through. And why not? It’s healthy to shun sugar after all. Sugar leads our body to age faster, obesity and numbers of other health and lifestyle issues. Going sugar-free is kinda a no loss deal as one can find number of other ingredients to satiate their sweet tooth like honey and jaggery while helping your body to steer clear of the health hazards caused by refined sugar.

Zero waste food

Our environment is crippled by us over the years in several unthinkable ways. Now its time indeed to help it regain itself, if not really giving it back. Practicing a zero waste or minimal waste lifestyle is a good step towards it. Avoiding packaged food, growing healthy crops, and eating fresh not only help the environment but also our own body, which again we really don’t think much before abusing. But looks like the time is changing and only for good. Fingers-crossed.

Organic Food

Organic food trends are likely to go forward for more years. After all, who likes eating a plate full of good-looking harmful chemicals, isn’t it? Along with preferring to buy organically grown vegetables from the market, many are also turning to home-growing vegetables and herbs depending on their available space and time.

Traditionally prepared food

An important trend for this year, that food businesses mainly should take note of, is the preference of traditionally prepared food. People are finally seeing the importance and benefits of our old traditional cooking practices over the other modern and faster ways. Food prepared in earthen and iron cookware, cooked in wood stoves, slow simmering of food not only uphold more nutrition but also add to the taste of the dish.

We really hope that you enjoyed reading this post. Are you looking forward to any specific trend in the food world this year? Share with us in the comment section below. Also please note that whatever your taste for the food is, spicy or cheesy, Indian or Chinese, home-cooked meals or fancy restaurant dishes, you can now order easily from the comfort of your home using oneapp, powered by Your one destination for all cravings. Download now!

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