After much consideration regarding the celebration of the Ganesh festival amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Maharashtra Government has finally issued guidelines regarding the same. As expected, there are several instructions and guidelines that need to be followed by the puja organizing committees. Apart from the mandatory rules that are required to be followed every year, the organizing committees, this year, need to be extra cautious and vigilant about upholding all the rules of the unprecedented Covid-19 situation.


  • It is mandatory to take permission from the concerned municipal authorities for organizing Ganesh Mandals within society premises or in public spaces.
  • As per the Maharashtra Government, this year the maximum idol height of the Ganesh idol cannot exceed beyond 4 feet.
  • Ganpati Pandals need to be disinfected regularly for all the ten days of celebration. 
  • Arrangement for thermal screening to be made at the entrance mandatorily.
  • Proper measures to be taken to ensure that social distancing norms can be maintained properly.
  • Pavilions to be set up as per the given policy issued by the Court & Municipal Corporation.
  • During the aarti or other programs, measures should be taken to prevent overcrowding & rules with regards to noise pollution to be followed strictly. 
  • Arrangements to be made for online darshan of Lord Ganesha through cable networks.
  • As much as possible, the committees should try to avoid the immersion of the idols or consider postponing it to the next year.
  • If at all the immersion needs to be done, there should not be any overcrowded procession and serious citizens & children should be prevented from taking part for safety reasons.
  • For the household pujas, the State Government has urged people to use metal or marble idols.
  • If clay idols are used, the immersion should be done at home or in artificial ponds.
  • Overcrowding at the venue of immersion or procession to the venue is strictly prohibited.
  • Instead of cultural programmes, health-related activities or camps should be organized. 
  • Blood donation camps & awareness camps about diseases like COVID-19, Malaria, Dengue should be arranged. 

Let us all pledge to make this celebration unforgettable & the most prosperous by following the guidelines! 

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