Housing societies granted permits to conduct society meetings but in the digital platforms.

The Commissioner and Registrar of the Co-operative Societies have issued an order permitting the housing societies to conduct meetings and day-to-day activities but in digital platforms. This came in wake of the coronavirus situation which is about to touch its 7th month in the country. The activities in the housing society and other co-operative societies came to a sudden halt as the country went into lockdown with strict regulations of social distancing. However, since it looks like the situation is far from getting over anytime soon, and that living with coronavirus is the new normal way of life henceforth, everything is slowly coming back again maintaining the social distancing and other norms. Conducting meetings in the digital mediums is the easiest way out for any type of necessary gathering at the moment. 

While issuing the order, Anil Kawade, commissioner, Maharashtra cooperation and registrar of co-operative societies, has stated that the order has been issued to all deputy registrars of co-operative societies to conduct general body meetings through video conferencing, emails, and all the decisions taken on digital mediums will be considered valid. The order further stated that conducting board meetings is mandatory and the agenda has to be shared and communicated to each member prior to the meeting. 

Source: https://government.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/digital-india/maharashtra-co-operative-societies-asked-to-conduct-digital-meetings/75414883

onesociety, from the house of oneapp, being one of the premium society management solution providers had to step up and introduce features to enable its client societies to conduct meetings and polls safely and privately within their social environment. And hence, onesociety introduced ‘onemeet’ the meeting feature for each and every user. The onemeet card allows users to create a meeting link easily with just a few clicks and share the link easily with attendees via WhatsApp or any other messaging service. At present, up to 75 members can join in one meeting which is pretty sufficient for conducting any housing society meeting that generally sees a higher number of attendees than any other format of meetings. The feature has been rolled out in the members’ app called oneapp. And the feature is not restricted to only the subscribing housing societies. The feature can be used by any user of oneapp to arrange and conduct any type of meeting with fellow oneapp users.


  • Open your oneapp.
  • Go to the ‘onemeet’ card on your dashboard.
  • To create a meeting link, click the ‘Create’ button.
  • Enter the title of the meeting.
  • Enter the agenda or objective of the meeting.
  • Set the start and end date and time.
  • Click ‘Create Meeting’.
  • Once the meeting is created it will get listed in the meetings window.
  • Click the ‘Share’ button to share it with others choosing a messaging service like saying Whatsapp.
  • To join a meeting, click the ‘Join’ button on the onemeet card.
  • Enter the meeting code shared over the message.
  • The meeting details will appear.
  • Click the ‘Join Meeting’ button to join the meeting.

Isn’t that simple, easy, and convenient? onesociety and oneapp always endeavor to provide the best solution for not only your housing society but also for the individual families using housing society management software. With our host of features, maintaining society’s life as well as managing your own family needs is now more easy and convenient. If you haven’t yet downloaded the app yet, download it now and enjoy the ease of comfortable living.

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