How Are Restaurant Businesses Adapting With Contact-Less Deliveries in the Post-COVID-19 Era?

During the outbreak of COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown throughout the country, there are many businesses that may have suffered from losses, especially the service industry, say hospitality, eateries, and restaurant businesses.

So basically the practice of social distancing and keeping away from crowded places has resulted in shutting down restaurants and places for social gatherings to a havoc measure.  However, the restaurants and eatery businesses are fighting the situation bravely and many have managed to continue their operation, though reduced,  with the help of digitization and contact-less deliveries during the period of COVID-19.

Similarly, if you just think about the post-COVID-19 era, the situation can be very similar to what it is right now. Until any antidote or vaccination comes to the rescue of this deadly threat, the situation doesn’t seem to get softened any time soon.  However, every individual and business needs to find out ways to survive this now new threatful era and restaurant businesses can be vouched as the leading example here.

Restaurant management businesses have already innovative ways to keep their mills running. However, they would be required to come up with more options and be more vigilant in their operation to continue to increase sales and gain benefits.

  • The restaurants should make sure that they manage to uphold their reassurance and reputation of the brand name among their customers by ensuring safety. It is important for the restaurant owners to make use of instruments that keep a check on the body temperature for their staff members. They may also have to start relying on the heavy usage of the technologies, such as digital payments, mobile wallets instead of cash or credit cards, to minimize human-to-human contacts. 
  • Menus should be given out on personal devices such as Mobile phones or Tablets rather than paperback menus. This would help with the sanitization as the menu, even the modern tab-based ones, which roams about from hand to hand can be a very potent medium of infection.
  • Restaurants would have to be more transparent about their supply chains.  They need to be more vigilant about the material which they are sourcing from the market and the kind of package used while sourcing, etc,. 
  • In the post-COVID-19 era, the concept dining out will undergo a major change in the customers’  mindset. Accordingly, the restaurant needs to brace itself.  Menus would be relooked on the basis of its ingredients. As thanks to COVID-19, people would prefer to indulge themselves in the kind of foods that have the ability to boost immunity. Health would be kept on priority for the consumers.
  • They will have still ensured the practice of social distancing and need to control the crowd inside their restaurants.  They may have to operate with fewer customers at a time and adopt a system of slot-wise operation.  Technology, hygiene, less-crowded restaurants and bars, and maybe more expensive food would become the norm.

In the face of many odds, the post-COVID 19 era is likely to witness a rapid rise in cloud kitchen businesses. These faceless kitchens are more likely to fit in perfectly with this new normal era. App-based ordering, online payment system, delivery at home – the most suitable way of indulging in food luxuries while still adhering to the social distancing practices. Technology is gonna play a vital role in the survival of food businesses and they need to brace up accordingly to keep the fire in their kitchen burning. Similarly, technological solution providers need to upgrade their features and offerings to accommodate this surge in technology requirements. oneresto is an all-in-one solution i.e. restaurant management software that can significantly benefit your food business by aligning your business operations with the present situation. If you are interested to know more about oneresto, now you can avail of our online demonstration and that too absolutely free of cost.

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