How the process of housing society management changed with the 2020 Pandemic?

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The year-long coronavirus pandemic has laid a major impact on all the lives around the globe. And no doubt it has brought with itself many changes in the ways of living. For example, working from home is now more or less a normal process, online shopping is considered the best way of buying things, etc. 

The pandemic situation has also brought in a huge impact on the co-operative living arrangements and of the housing society management using housing society management software. While there are many big and small nuances that have demanded change due to the situation and maybe have undergone changes, here let us brush up through some of the major changes in the management process that have taken place in the wake of the pandemic situation in the cooperative housing societies.

Welcoming high speed internet connections: The first thing that many housing societies took initiative of getting done on a priority basis is getting the connections of high-speed internet done in their society. Since majority of the people are now working from home and also internet now being the sole medium of communication and processes, high speed internet connection is of dire necessity and the housing society managers took quite a swift action by getting the arrangement done in proper time such that the process of society management can be carried out smoothly in future.

Society offices gone digital: Digitalization of the management processes in the housing societies was on its way for quite a few years now, but the pandemic situation gave it its required momentum. Connection of the management committee and residents are now largely dependent on online mediums, which is not only convenient but also safe given the ongoing coronavirus situation. Many housing societies opted for a digital management system to streamline and organize their work processes in this time.

Notice Board has gone digital: Though a part of the overall digitalization in itself, but it is mentionable because it is one of the major concerns among the management committees when they came to us for a solution. Notice boards are an important part of the housing societies. All the major communications are conveyed via the notice board. However, during the social distancing rule, making crowds near the notice boards was really unsafe. On other hand, due to time to time announcements from the government and new rules of the emergency situation, communicating with the residents became really important. The situation compelled many to take their notification system online. Many people opted for commonly used messaging mediums. However, a thing is to be remembered that third party communication channels can be unsafe and compromise the privacy of your housing society’s internal matters. So it is important to choose your medium wisely.

Payments system majorly converted to digital modes: Payment system for the maintenance and other society bills have been majorly converted to the digital modes. This saves the people from visiting society offices every time and also cuts off the cash/cheque transaction system which helped greatly in containing the transmission of the deadly virus. Not only that digital payments reduce documentation works to a great extent as well for the committee members.

Online virtual meetings: This is indeed a major change where the society meetings and even the Annual General Meetings were taken to the virtual mediums. The government too gave permission to accept the virtual meetings of the society committee to be regarded as legal and binding seeing the urgency of the situation. Once again, it is important to choose the medium wisely so as to not compromise the privacy of the housing societies.

Gate Management: Another major change that happened in the society management process is managing the gates. To begin with, the traditional pen and register method got readily replaced with digital tablet systems to reduce the surface transmission of the virus. However, the digital system came with the added advantage of recording other vital information of the visitor and with the pre-authentication method and instant approval systems, they even doubled up as a fortified gate security system for the housing societies.

Let us know in the comments below, how your society management system underwent a change in the wake of the 2020 pandemic.

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