How to choose a right POS for your Business!

We have hundreds of options these days when coming to choosing POS for our business. All seems good, some this way, some that and some in others. At times, it really becomes a confusion to understanding which one to zero down. Today in this post, we will discuss 5 essential pointers that can help you finalize the one for you.

So let’s get started!

  • Easy-to-use understand and handy dashboard: Complications should be avoided in any case isn’t it? POS is no different. Simple and clutter-free design of the billing interface  makes it easier to use and further aids in quick billing and checkout process. Categorized product listing and single-click actions effectively cut the hassles from the total process reducing time devoted to single customer thereby making room for increased customer service and therefore more business in given time.
  • Synchronized and integrated e-catalogue: Incase you business features multi-selling points like in-store, online, more than one store, this feature is your savior. The integrated e-catalogue gets auto-updated once any change is made in a product. Subsequently, it displays synchronized product and price list to all the purchase points, be in in-store or online, making updated data always ready to be referred and taking estimation of sale.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Customer is king. When the phrase is sometimes prone to misuse, but it should be negated totally. Maintaining proper customer profiling is the way to prosper your business further. CRM or customer relationship management is an in-built feature that comes with POS that captures customer data creating an updated and easy referrable customer database. Also breaking and analysing the customers’ buying behavior, it generates useful customer insight report to help you take your business further depending on real consumer behaviour intrinsic to your business rather than random assumptions and market surveys.
  • Customer-friendly Quick Payment: A happy customer is a returning customer. Therefore offering customer convenience via POS is one of the features that can help businesses retain and gain customers. A customer-friendly payment format makes customers feel comfortable and warm. Ideally a proper payment format should first prints the receipt and then ask the customer to choose the payment mode to help customers see the actual amount and then as per convenience decide on payment option.

Tax Manager/GST Settings: Tax compliance is of the utmost importance when comes to the sanctity of the figures in your business. A good POS should have the option to configure the Tax system of the country or city, whichever is applicable. A decent POS provider company will also offer to pre-configure the same for the business at the onset of usage. In India, POS should be compliant with GST tax rule.

We will be back with another interesting topic. Stay tight to this space.

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