Hygiene precautions to be taken before monsoons!!

Rainy seasons are loved by almost everyone in our country. Regardless of the kind of troubles we may face during the monsoon season, we always look forward to it as it helps us with not just one but many things. While on one hand the smell of rain and its dew has a calming effect on our brain and body, on the other rain is vital for our existence and also agricultural businesses.

Just like the positive sides, there are a certain amount of precautions and safety measures that need to be taken care of to keep ourselves safe from unhygienic sides of rain & monsoons. Let us see what are the precautions we need to take in a housing society before welcoming the monsoon.  

  • Fill Up Those Old Cracks – 

In case if you detect any moisture or crack in the walls of your ceiling, make sure to fill it up before the moisture enters your home. This dampness and moisture can affect your house walls & roof and damage the structure of the building and will eventually lead to the weakening of the society’s infrastructure. 

  • The Water & Air Flow Should Be Smooth – 

Before the monsoon season kicks in, you should make sure that your housing society has a proper drainage system to prevent waterlogging within the society and near the buildings. 

Also, during the monsoon season, a good ventilation system can be a pure blessing as it helps to let the humidity and bad air out of the rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms as they are the most exposed areas to steam and moisture. Hence a ventilator or a good chimney would help you to breathe clean. 

  • Let The Light Shine –

Monsoon brings dark and heavy clouds with hidden sunlight. And we all know that damp and unlit areas are the breeding grounds of the microbes and bacteria. Therefore it is important to have good exposure to light sources. Even though Sun is in guest character during the monsoons, you can always compensate a part by using bright lights to lighten up your home. 

  • No More Damping From Carpets & Mats

It is best to temporarily fold and keep your carpets and mats aside during the rainy season as these can get spoiled from the mud, damp & wet feets entering your home. 

You can use a rubber or coir mat at the entrance that will remove the mud and dry the feet for those specific months. 

  • Plumbing & Electricity Shouldn’t be An Issue 

During monsoon season, power cut & plumbing issues may become a pain in our lives, hence it is always the best to prepare yourself for such scenarios. Get your electricals and pipelines check beforehand so that you don’t have to struggle at the end moment. Most of the housing societies have complaint management cells to take care of these services and checks. And if your housing society is registered with onesociety, giving requisition for such issues is just a matter of few clicks. Raising issues and queries are easy now from the member portal in ‘oneapp’.

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