Indian Retail sector is expected to create millions of job in the next decade by going digital

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The retail industry has witnessed exponential growth that has added an additional revenue of  640 billion and expects to generate over 12 million jobs by the end of this decade.

The factors responsible for this rapid transformation are:

  • personalization experience
  • digitization of operations
  • integrated supply chains
  • fintech lending the backbone to the online & offline framework

The Indian retail sector is considered as one of the most rapidly emerging sectors with incredible growth over the past couple of years. With the online access to various digital resources, the Indian retail sector has experienced a significant change creating a digital platform for many, be it our local grocers, supermarkets, or even e-commerce retailers.

With the advent of these digital platforms and technological retail business management solution providers, the retail sector has expanded its reach considerably ranging from the metropolitan consumers to even those in the remote areas since getting the products online choosing from over multiple choices with a mere click has enabled them to browse for their needs online.

However, consumers & their rapidly changing needs are to be kept in mind for those who are adopting online retailing since the focus should be prioritized providing maximum choices to each. The consumers will look for alternate platforms to fulfill their needs searching for real-time comparisons with competing products to get the best deals.

India retail sector, job creation, employment booster, retail business in India, eCommerce industry in India

Today the consumers are tech-savvy & have a fair idea about digital retailing which is widely spread all across the country. With the accessibility to these online retailing platforms, the information of a particular product can be found within the heart of the city or even the suburbs. There has been a rapid growth with which various companies have emerged with great speed & promptly adopted digital solutions to provide their consumers seamless  24*7*365 service.

The pandemic brought forth many motivational stories about various companies pivoting to new growth opportunities through digital platforms. We’ve seen how rapidly our local grocer or Kirana stores have adopted the digital platform with much ease, receiving orders online to getting the orders fulfilled through hyper-local integrated supply chains to contactless deliveries & digital payments developing a loop.

About a million local grocery stores upgraded to online facilities last year & became a lifeline to many since most parts of the nation were mostly under lockdown. The pandemic led to the expanding outreach of e-commerce companies spread across smaller cities & towns.

The evolving retail sector in its new avatar is not just about online or offline reach, which is the conveyance of traditional & online working together in a digitally enabled ecosystem characterized by the interplay of tech solutions & fully leveraged digital-savvy consumers. The massive growth in the retail industry has acted as a significant employment booster creating job opportunities for all ages.

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