Living in Andheri? Try these 3 innovative tiffin services!

Tiffin services are the one kind of business whose demand is likely to be unhampered for a long time. Though the Covid-19 initially made everything topsy-turvy for almost all businesses and walks of life, yet soon the demand for tiffin services grew manifold. Unavailability of other food services, the consciousness about eating healthy to boost immunity, and work-from-home schedules, everything in a way actually boosted the tiffin service businesses.

If you are staying in Andheri and the vicinity, today we are going to talk about three tiffin services that offer healthy meals and are unique in their own ways.

Are you interested in starting your own? Know the requirements to start your own tiffin business in India!

Fresh Paprika: Based in Andheri, Mumbai, Fresh Paprika offers food-service to the Corporates, Factories, IT Parks, Education Institutes, Fitness centers, and Speciality Venues. They deliver their food in collaboration with the Mumbai dabbawalas and some other delivery partners. They boast of their meals that are planned and cooked right from the scratches. The ingredients consist of only fresh spices, vegetables, fish, chicken, sauces, stocks, and soups. They source their vegetables directly from the farmers ensuring a responsible procurement process.  They have also planned to create an ecosystem of 100% of women entrepreneurs, including suppliers. They’ve developed programs to ensure local purchasing, sustainable seafood, the food–climate change connection, & freshly selected meat and eggs. The best part is their vision of creating 1,00,000 women entrepreneurs by employing acid attack victims, transgender, and people with disabilities. To order from Fresh Paprika, click here.

Balanced Meal: As the name suggests, the main motto of this business is to provide meals that are balanced in nutritional values. The main motive of opting tiffin meals over the restaurant food is that the people look for healthy and hearty meals cooked with love and care for their regular food requirements. It is not for one-time indulgence. And the owner of Balanced Meal, Azima Shaikh, understands that fully. She believes that one needs to understand their own body and food habits to bring about the required changes that last forever. The meals served by Balanced Meal include Ragi, Bajra, Jowar rotis for the extra boost of nutrition, calculated amount of oil for best health benefit, and proper balance of protein. The meals are cooked in rice bran oil and vegetable stock for an added boost. To know more about Balanced Meal or order, click here

Yummy Tiffins: The journey of this tiffin service business started with the mission to revolutionize the eating habits of the people and encourage healthy and hygienic eating even when you are busy and have no time to cook. With Yummy Tiffins, one really need not compromise on their nutrition. The team at Yummy Tiffins ensures that the meals are not only healthy but also appealing to the senses. They feature over 40 dishes that change every day and  include a variety of vegetables, daal, soups, raita, rice, rotis, salads, and snack items. These are healthy, well-balanced meals cooked in rice bran/olive oil, which provide the right amount of protein along with essential vitamins and minerals. The added advantage of this service is that they have Nutritionist Neha Chandna in their  team who helps to design a diet meal in case anyone needs a special plan for the health condition or lifestyle needs. To know more about Yummy tiffins or order, click here

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