Requirements To Start a Tiffin Service Business In India

Tiffin services

Tiffin services are in vogue these days, thanks to the busy corporate schedules. Also tiffin services are really great way to have healthy home-cooked food when a family can’t afford to spare time for cooking. In this post, however, we will not talk about consuming a tiffin service but about starting a business of tiffin service.

Tiffin service can be a great business if managed and executed well. And here are the four major things that are required to start off with a tiffin service business.

  1. Capital: Of course just like any other business, capital is the primary requirement to start a tiffin service business. However, the good thing about tiffin business is that you can start off from really small. Say you begin by serving 10 people working in the market complex next to your house. The capital investment can be really really low to begin with.
  2. Facility: Yes you need to have a facility in place to ensure that you are not taking risk with the health of your customers. It can start even from your own kitchen. But to ensure the business aspect, you must keep the checks of hygiene, like regular pest control, using gloves while cooking and packing, sterilizing the cooking area. As you go higher, you will be requiring to up your facility and even fix a separate, industrial level kitchen for proper permits of the business.
  3. Permits: As your business will grow, you will come under the scanner and therefore it is very essential that you secure all the required permits to do your business legitimately. The permits you will require are as follows:
  • License from Food and Health department- Since the business is that of food, acquiring this license is the essential one.
  • Shop and Establishment Act License- Though you may operate from your home initially, but in due course of time, acquiring this license is necessary because after all it is a business and have commercial implications.
  • Permit from the Fire Brigade.
  • Permit from Police department.
  • Society’s NOC- No-objection certificate from your society is important as cooking involves certain risks obviously and since here it has commercial side, this NOC is important so that you do not face any hazard on the way.
  • 4. Management process: Again, as your business grows, having a robust management process is the only way to show you success. Tiffin service can be really really more that simply cooking, serving and taking money. Order management, delivery management, payment and collection and finally tax implications are vast areas that requires special attention to ensure that your business run smoothly and continue to grow. A good subscription business solution can come in handy for you and help you run a business with minimal manpower.

We hope you will find this article helpful if you are looking forward to starting a tiffin business. We at Veza Fooddialer will like to help you out. We offer free demonstration at your convenient time. We expect you to give an ear to our solution that is specially cut out for these businesses and has been thriving in the market successfully for about 5 years now.

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