onefoodialer – A Fail-proof Order Management Solution for Tiffin Businesses!

onefooddialer’, powered by, is a SAAS based software application that is developed by Futurescape Technologies Private Limited with a very unique idea of offering technological solutions to organize and automate the daily home-style food orderings as well as management operations of businesses that are catering to these orders. The development of the product was initiated on 1st July 2012 and it was first launched on 1st March 2015.  It is offered as a mobile app and a web application that is accessible through any web browser. It operates as a white-labeled application to respective catering business brands, with the signature “Powered by onefooddialer”.

Additional Info: ‘SAAS’ also known as ‘Software as a service’ is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software”, and was formerly referred to as “software plus services” by Microsoft. The code of the software is not transferred to the client, but the customer accesses the software through user interface display screens.

There is a great demand for homestyle meals that are an affordable and everyday solution for our daily food needs. And these demands are getting catering by a mix of vendors and home chefs. onefooddialer helps in making this entire process organized and seamlessly managed. It allows consumers to order and schedule their meals in advance. They can also opt for daily, weekly, or monthly customizable subscription plans. It also provides options to pause, skip, change, swap, or cancel a meal as per requirements.

On other hand, the caterers or vendors can now plan and operate their kitchen(s) better with advance order schedules, monitoring the preparations, and systematically managing the logistics of delivering these meals every day. They can also receive payments online and keep track of their receivables. With features like real-time alerts on meal plan change by consumer, meal label printing, QR code scanning, it ensures no wrong meal is delivered.

Digitally managing daily home-style meal subscriptions was thought to be an impossible task because of the complexity involved in the process. The team at Futurescape Technologies Private Limited worked painstakingly for 3 years to innovate an intelligent process and built an architecture around it that could actually function in the situation. 

Globally onefooddialer is the only application that could crack the code of systematically operating home-style daily meal kitchens called cloud kitchens or industrial kitchens and also digitalized the daily meal ordering through apps. These kitchens are only delivery kitchens and their order management can be really challenging due to the complicated nature of the service. For example, a user/ consumer can order a certain meal as breakfast to be delivered at his home, while lunch at his office address and dinner again at the home address. He can have different meal choices for different days, for example, Monday and Wednesday non-vegetarian, while the rest of the week vegetarian.

onefooddialer, powered by, is the tiffin management software that has been processing daily meal orders and operating various businesses across Mumbai city, pan India, America, and Canada. SpiceBox, FitBox, Balanced Meal, SoulCare, Yummy Tiffins, etc to name a few. Lacs of users have been ordering and receiving meals on a daily basis through onefooddialer powered Apps.

Do you own a tiffin service business? Are you looking for an effective food order management solution? You may like to know more about onefooddialer and how it can help you manage your orders and run your business efficiently. Now you can get an absolutely FREE ONLINE DEMO of onefooddialer. Claim now!

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