Precautions for Tiffin Business Owners in the New Normal Era

The new normal era of Covid-19 has called in for several changes in our lifestyles and the ways of doing business. Every business now needs to follow some extra set of precautions and rules to make sure that the norms of the new normal period are well maintained. 

In this post let’s check out the precautions that the tiffin business owners need to follow to run their business with safety.


  1. If any of your employees/workers looks ill or reports illness, please allow him/her generous work-offs. Make sure that before reporting to work again, s/he should recover completely. If you yourself feel ill or suspect any symptom of Covid-19, please either stay aloof from the workspace/kitchen or you may consider keeping your services off for a safe period of time.
  2. Arrange for gloves, masks, sanitizers, and handwashing soaps/liquid in generous quantities and make them mandatory to use. You may stick reminders or notices in strategic places within your infrastructure such that no one misses using them.
  3. Temperature monitoring for all staff including delivery partners is a must. Make use of a contactless laser thermometer to check the temperature on a regular basis to make sure that you are not risking your, your workers, and your customers’ health at any cost.
  4. Social distancing at work is mandatory, which may lead to reduced staff. Make sure that your  infrastructure allows the workers to maintain safe 6-feet distances. Also, consider taking orders only that much that you are able to fulfill with reduced staff.
  5. The sanitization of workspaces, tabletops, and other frequently touched surfaces with alcohol-based cleansers should be done on a regular basis.
  6. Start the day by sanitizing the kitchen utensils and tools properly. Again, end the day by cleaning everything squeaky clean with soap water.
  7. Make sure that the raw food items such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc. are washed properly before storing and cooking in accordance with the food safety guidelines.
  8. Encourage workers to make handwashing a habit. Since your business is concerned with eatables, you need to be extra careful. Make a culture where handwashing every half an hour and after every single task is a mandate.
  9. Reduce the hands in food packaging exercise. Dedicate one or two staff to pack all the orders and handover to the delivery partners. Lesser hands help in reducing the risk of any kind of contamination.
  10. It is best if the outermost packaging is of paper material as it is reported that the paper doesn’t support an ideal condition for the virus to remain alive or breed.

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Not only the tiffin business owners, in fact even the consumers now need to maintain safety precautions from their own sides as well.


  1. Opt for contact-less delivery. In this condition, the delivery person leaves your package at your doorstep and then moves away at a safer distance. Then informs you over a call about the delivery being made. You can collect it from your doorstep without coming in close proximity to the delivery person.
  2. Place a dedicated box at your doorstep or at the security cabin where all your deliveries are placed and you can collect from. This makes sure that the package is not placed directly on the floor and also your watchmen don’t need to touch your deliveries.
  3. Unbox your tiffins, transfer the food in bowls/plates & discard the packaging as soon as possible.
  4. Remember to keep your masks on and avoid touching your face while unboxing your food.
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling and discarding the packages.
  6. Clean the surface area well where your food packages were resting.
  7. Reheat your food again before consuming it, if possible.
  8. Opt for digital payments for your tiffin service subscription and avoid cash transactions.

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