Precautions to be taken by the Housing Societies in the New Normal Era

Though the country is opening up gradually with the Unlock phases as per government mandates, yet it will be safe to say that perhaps the corona-war is yet not over. While we have to get back to the course of life gradually, we also need to learn new ways to conduct ourselves such that we can stay safe and help others remain safe as well.

The housing societies, indeed, have huge responsibilities right now to maintain the sanity of the society premises and ensure safety for all its members and staff. In this post, let’s see what are some of the guidelines that the housing society management committee and the society members need to follow in this new normal era.


Society Managers play a crucial role when it comes to maintain and upkeep the safety of the society members and other staff. Measures to be taken by the Housing Society Management Committee to ensure hygiene & safety.

  1. Regular and on-the-spot temperature screening is a must for every person entering the society premises. Provide your watchmen/gatekeepers with contact-less laser thermometers and instruct them to follow the temperature screening process with everyone entering, be it members, visitors, guests, staff, or delivery people,  without a fail. Anyone surpassing the safe limits should be informed and dealt properly and cautiously as per the case.
  2. Installation of hand sanitization stands is a must at all the entry gates and if possible several other strategic locations within the society. Use posters to inform and request people to use hand sanitizer as generously as required.
  3. Regular fumigation should be done in the entire society to ensure proper sanitization at every inch.
  4. Disinfecting the frequently-touched metal surfaces like lift buttons, gate handles, tablets & mobile phones used in the entry kiosks with alcohol-based cleansers should be a regular practice.
  5. Society offices and security cabins should be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Also, restrict the number of people entering these places at a given time.
  6. Masks should be made mandatory for everyone in the common areas within the society premises.
  7. Public gathering, or gathering of more than 4 people at a time, at a place within the society premises, should be banned.
  8. Society members and other stakeholders should be encouraged to use the digital mediums to connect with the society’s office/security offices and avoid any unnecessary venture out from respective homes.
  9. Society managers should be vigilant about the general health of members. They are required to be compassionate yet follow strict rules regarding the quarantine process in case of any probable case of infection.
  10. Society Managers should take steps to make people aware of the chances of infection, the importance of self-isolation, and encourage people to open up and seek help from society managers. This will ensure a healthy environment where people are informed, feel secured, and can eliminate unnecessary fear.


These simple steps can help each and everyone in the society maintain their hygiene & safety intact.

  1. Abiding by the social distancing norm is mandatory. Always maintain a 6-feet distance from others.
  2. Avoid venturing out as much as possible except for the essential requirements. Try to use home delivery services for daily requirements.
  3. To press the buttons of the elevators, always use your elbows instead of fingers.
  4. Using a mask to cover your nose and mouth properly while going out of your apartment is a must.
  5. Maintain safe distance while interacting with someone who seems to be sick.
  6. Try to avoid social gatherings as much as possible if not completely. 
  7. Avoid visiting common and especially indoor areas like gymnasium & swimming pool. 
  8. However, you may use the jogger’s parks and other open-air areas maintaining proper social distancing to exercise and maintain health.
  9. Wash your hands well with soap & water after touching anything outside your apartment.
  10. Maintain a healthy food habit & exercise regularly to boost your immunity and maintain optimal health.

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