Rise of Online Supermarkets in India

Online Grocery Market in India

COVID-19 lockdown and quarantine forced the Indian consumers to change their buying habits. Though the presence of online stores was there in pre-pandemic India, the momentum of the rapid rise of online supermarkets in India gained its maximum force as a direct effect of the pandemic. People started relying on online shopping apps more than ever before. Customers are now hugely expecting loyal and good services through their mobile apps without going out of home at all. As the habit of online grocery marketing is here to stay, the competition is increasing every day too. Those offering faster delivery, good quality and better prices with lucrative discounts, are expected to retain more consumers. 


With almost cheap internet, more networks everywhere, being technologically sound and with lucrative discounts and offers, consumers started getting influenced more and more until this whole online grocery shopping became the new normal. But with the COVID19 pandemic, the interest got piqued and consumers preferred online stores for staples and groceries. 

Online supermarkets in India can be categorized in three types based on from where the products are sourced, namely –

  • Type – I is where the customers place orders and then orders are processed and dispatched from the warehouse where the goods are stored. It is more inventory based. 
  • Type – II is the hyperlocal model, where the delivery is done from local stores. The processing and dispatching is far more simplified in this model as it depends on the existing retailers. 
  • Some digital platforms offer a mixed model, which is the combination of the inventory and hyperlocal formats.


The demand for online supermarkets in India is rising rapidly. The reasons are many: 

  1. It is hassle free for consumers. 
  2. You can sit at home or at the office or even at a park and can check out online supermarkets on your mobile app and place orders. 
  3. You don’t have to carry heavy bags to your home after grocery shopping. Delivery executives will personally deliver your products at your doorstep. 
  4. The ease of transaction came with online payments which is super easy with so many online payment options, GPay, PayTM, Phone Pe, Bhim UPI, Credit & Debit Cards. Then again you can choose COD, Cash On Delivery, in case you are not comfortable with online payments. 
  5. You get to pick a lot of variety products from the comfort of your home. 
  6. Younger people & millennials are more into this than the elderly people. As everyone is busy with duties, offices, household chores, etc, it is not always possible to physically go to the local markets to buy groceries. So with these online supermarkets in India, life tends to become a tad bit easier to live in. 
  7. These online stores tend to offer great discounted offers. 
  8. Online grocery shopping ensures almost no contact which is very crucial to keep living sans any virus! 
  9. It is also gaining popularity based on product category, platform, regional distribution and competitive region. 
  10. Easy to use mobile applications, safe and secured payment getaways, followed by good consumer support – leads to more consumers turning into this habit of buying things from the online supermarkets in India.

What is your view on this new buying habit of Indian consumers? Do you think it is a holistic approach towards the economy and overall health aspect of the people? Share your views in the comment section.

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