What is the best marketing strategy for an online grocery business?

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Marketing is an important vehicle for your business to create its brand awareness, caption a market position and draw in customers. Be it a large enterprise-level company or small grocery business, the need for a marketing strategy is undeniable. While a bigger company can easily allocate lakhs of rupees for its marketing, the same is not applicable to small businesses. However, the cash crush need not hamper your marketing if you can do it in a creative and systematic way.

In today’s post, I am going to discuss some of the marketing strategies that can help out small-scale online grocery businesses.


Keep your app simple and easy to navigate- Buying groceries is a very basic activity. From a tech-savvy person to a very simpleton everyone needs to buy groceries. And therefore it is important to keep in mind that your grocery selling app is simple to use and easy to navigate.

Make use of the push notifications- Push notifications can serve the basic marketing purpose of your app where you can inform, educate, entertain your existing customers and remind them to visit your app.

Maintain a blog section- Interesting blogs and write-up on your niche area can be an added advantage of your app. I know of a meat-selling site that maintains a blog section and writes recipes involving their product with a “buy ingredients now” call to action button. 

Do not ignore SEO- Website search is now a very basic activity. Need a nail, search on Google, that’s how the world operates now. Therefore do not ever ignore the SEO of your app. Higher your app shows in search results, the more the chance of getting customers.

Craft out interesting offers- Keep the interest of your customers intact in your brand by crafting out interesting, innovative and beneficial offers for them.

Make use of affiliate marketers- Affiliate marketing is in havoc now. People tend to listen and follow their favourite influencers more and more. Make use of affiliate marketers to reach your potential customers.

Make optimal use of social media- Goes without saying, social media is everywhere and with everyone. Make good use of it. Create interesting campaigns to draw the attention of your potential customers.

Do you have any interesting, cost-effective marketing ideas for small scale businesses? Share with us in the comments.

FAQ’s about “What is a good inventory management tool?”

There are several inventory tools available in the market now. You can choose one that suits your business type and products. If you are looking for some of the important features that the best inventory management software should have, they are:

  • Categorization of products in stocks
  • Inventory/Products history
  • Cycle counting
  • Vendor management
  • Scan barcode easily
  • Faster performance
  • Get precise details of products
  • Locate products
  • Product tracking
  • Tagging
  • Reports and audits
  • Integrated with POS system for auto-update of inventory with each sale
  • Low inventory alert
  • Powerful future insights
  • Align sales and marketing efforts
  • Helps manage your Investment Style
  • Drive sales

While choosing an inventory management system for yourself, do keep in mind the requirements of your business and make decisions based on that.

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