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A 360 degree customer and business solution, all in a single platform!


We offer a bundle of robust modules providing all round solution for a retail business effectively automating the important and all individual processes like point of sale, customer management, menu and financial records.


An out and out restaurant management solution, our restaurant suite includes super specialized extra modules like KDS and Resto along with others to suit perfectly for the customized need of food industry.


Be it any industry or any business, money speaks the last word. And we understand that. We offers streamlined and integrated payment solution with a series of our coordinated payments getaway and income records and tax modules.


Subscription based businesses no longer need to run their job in a cumbersome way. We offer end to end solution for these businesses that streamline every possible processes related to the business like subscription booking, order management, customer communication to invoicing and payment.

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Cube encompasses an array of products that automate, streamline and integrate your entire business operation into one single application.

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