What Are the Important Features of Housing Society Management Software?

Housing society management software

Contactless yet effective coordination among members, transparency in accounts, easy and secure data management – a good housing society management solution has a lot in store for you to make your cumbersome job of society management easy and even enjoyable.

There was never a better time before to realize the importance of a housing society management software. Not only does it make the life of managing committee members easy by helping with the management of the tedious society related tasks, but in today’s scenario of a coronavirus threat and lockdown situation, it is the safest and perhaps the only means of managing the society maintenance tasks seamlessly. Only a mobile device is enough to handle, manage, and execute the entire management job of society. That’s the biggest boon of digitization and technology.

There are numerous benefits of a good housing society management system for your society that it will be really long to list all the conveniences in one post.  We are trying to collate a few of them here to help you understand its advantages on a very basic level. 

Complex data management made easy with the utmost security:

With the rise of the population in India, the sizes of housing societies are also ever-increasing. A huge number of residents in the apartment complexes make the task of society management all the more difficult. But there are no tasks that can be so hard if you are having an effective society maintenance solution with you. At onesociety, we offer technological solutions to assist you to – manage the complex data of your society’s flat owners, tenants, vendors, and staff, along with your assets such as swimming pool, gymnasium, community hall, etc. Apart from that, we provide an integrated module of accounts and taxation that can help you to track the income & expense of the society funds while updating the books of accounts at every instance keeping it ready and set for a smooth audit process.  However, our biggest USP is achieving all these while ensuring the utmost data security. We use a 3-layered data security system to provide the highest assurance against data theft. We care for your data and as an organization, we distaste and disapprove of the practice of data trade for petty money. Customer satisfaction stands as the first priority for our business.

Transparent at every step:

The practise of managing manual records is not only difficult but also hazardous to get access as well. If you want to access particular data during some situations, you may have to dig in each and every file and folder that you have in your accounts department, which is nothing but a waste of valuable time and even can be pointless over time. Another important factor to note is that manual data is also easy to tamper with. This issue can be very effectively handled with a housing society management software. The automated system of society management helps with maintaining digital records that are easy to store, accessed, and protected from any kind of mishandling. 

 Digitally automated complex management system:

The task of housing society management is often cumbersome, thank-less, and, on a downside, loaded with a huge responsibility. However, with a good complex management solution, this problem can effectively get a proper solution.  With onesociety, you can now effectively streamline and organize all the housing society operations and related management tasks. Just, for instance, the tiresome job of calculating interests on late payments can be done just with few clicks and can be sent over digitally. Also can get escalated with a ticket easily in case of any undue situation of non-payment or such.

Good coordination among Housing society members:  

Coordinating and connecting with the housing committee members are so very important and so very much a challenge at the present scenario of lockdown. When social distancing is the need of the hour, running the housing society effectively is also equally important and for that, the coordination of committee members is a necessity. Onesociety can be your savior at this time. The fully digital platform for housing society management, onesociety facilitates organized issue resolution, discussion, collection of maintenance bills, circulation of notices, and many more. With all its excellent features, onesociety can help you to make your housing society a better place to live in and become a complex which operates smartly without any discrepancy. Onesociety can really help you make your thankless job of being a housing society committee member a better one by adding value to it. To know more about onesociety, you can now claim your free demo here.

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