Why is it important to digitize Gate management in your society?

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We often get to hear this question: Why should we digitize the gate management? We have a strong security team hovering over the gates and keeping eye on people going in and out, then why do we need a digital system?

The simple answer can be, ‘to enhance your security and save money’.

Let’s get into a bit more details. 

We install a gate to provide us safety and privacy. We create a physical barrier between the outside world and inside with the intention to provide us safety and privacy. But what about Security? Well to get the things more clearly, first let us see what is the difference between Safety and Security.

We have often seen the two words ‘Safety’ and ‘Security’ are being used interchangeably. However, there lies a very subtle difference between the two. It can be said that security is more tangible and it involves undertaking actions to provide protection from the possible harm. Whereas safety is more emotional, the sense of being safe increases when you are assured of your security.

The reason why we are so serious about Gate Security is primarily because of the increasing crime and the fact that in India families are going more and more nuclear. Everyday opening a newspaper is an emotional roller coaster. Kidnap, murder, rape, theft, molestation and everything that each day takes away the sense of being safe bit by bit. And moreover, it is kind of foolish to think that we aren’t vulnerable to these. 

So, how does digitizing gate management helps in providing us security?

A digital gate management solution can be really helpful in providing advanced security to the gated communities, commercial spaces, and institutions. Let’s check out how:

By preventing unauthorized entry: A gate management solution helps keep track of people and also vehicles entering a premises. It keeps track of the time a person or vehicle has been inside the premises. A good gate management solution also provides the feature to pre-authorize a person or car and block any suspicious entrant.

By providing restricted entry: A standard gate management solution should offer the option of restricted entry, i.e. often new people mostly blue-collared workers are needed to enter the premises for maintenance and repair work. However, they need not access the entire premise to get the job done. In this case, the access card is given a restricted entry allowance which ensures that the person can enter only the area that is required. The same goes with any other visitor, we may have come to visit a flat in one wing, need not access the other wings and areas alone without his/her host.

Verification of the staff and visitors: Instant verification of a visitor/car is another important feature of a digital gate management solution. It can instantly verify a person based on personal identification numbers like that of Aadhar No. or Pan No. or Car no. and prevent the entry of any person if found providing fake id or have a suspicious record until the go-ahead from the host s/he is intended to visit. Also, this facility can prove handy while staff recruitment to cross-check their authenticity.

Restricting un-informed guests showing up at gate: This is a really great feature for the residents/members of the premises. One can pre-authorize the guest to be visiting them, otherwise, any guest coming to visit without information will first be communicated from the gate to the particular unit and upon go-ahead, they can reach the member’s unit. This ensures that no unknown face shows up without your knowledge, all of a sudden.

Emergency contact: Gate Management solution also serves as the emergency contact for the residents living in the gated community. Advanced security doesn’t only means the security against the odds coming from outside but also security against any odd situation originating at home like saying a medical emergency. As I said, Indian families are going more and more nuclear which means there are lesser or no people to take charge in case of any medical emergency arising in the home. A good gate management solution allows the member to contact the gate security personnel right from their app and seek help without even the need to run there.

Lower the manpower: Finally, a gate management solution also helps in lowering the maintenance budget a lot as it eliminates the need for a huge number of people assigned for the security of the premises. The manpower can be cut off to bare minimum without compromising on the security if a good gate/visitor management solution is in place.

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